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Strategic plan Assignment Help | Online Strategic Plan Assignment Help If you are confused or not able to write strategic plan for any company then do let us know. Our assignment help experts team will write your assignment and also take guarantee that you will get excellent grades in your assignment.  We select the Apple Inc. for an example and then write the strategic plan. In this plan you also get the answer of  what are the organizations strategic plan and strategic objectives that explains and defines quality as the organizations core principles.

Strategic plan of Apple Inc

 Strategic Plan and Strategic Objectives In present highly competitive business environment, every firm engage in strategic planning that clearly defines objectives and assesses internal and external situation to formulate strategy, implement the strategy, evaluate the progress and make adjustments to stay on track (Abraham, 2012). Apple Inc. is one of the world’s most successful and most recognizable companies. The company has done lots of changes in the computer industry. Company offers more traditional and newer products such as iPods, iPhones, Apple TV, etc. to maintain and improve its market position. Along with this, company is also using unique retail strategy to support the product decisions.    Apple’s main concept is “Think Differently” that is fulfilled by company through creating innovative products (Apple Inc., 2012). At the same time, other computer manufacturers has attempted for decades to replicate the design of Apple’s computers. Apple’s strategy focuses on making the best and quality products for customers. The company introduced the iMac and iBook product lines for the more basic computer buyers and the Power Book and G series computers for the advanced purchasers. In addition of this, the company goes ahead with the introduction of iPod digital music player and iTunes Web site for the sale and download of music. Among all competitors such as IBM, Dell and others, Apple is on the forefront of a revolution of technology, integrating music, images, and animation. In the strategic plan, Apple computer has main objective to protect the environment, health and safety of employees, customers and global communities. The company has strategic objectives to provide technologically innovative products and services (Abraham, 2012). In strategic plan, company offers quality through its products, pricing, after sale services and many more things. 

Product strategy: The Company develops strategy to provide high quality products to customers. Apple has been active in the development of global industry standards and quality measures to provide best quality products to customers (Abraham, 2012). It is because, high quality products and after sales supports help the company to attract and retain customers. Innovative and quality products help to create a competitive advantage over the competitors. 

Pricing strategy: Apple computers and digital accessories set the standard for quality and innovation. The price tag is high, but the company provides quality, reliable and fashionable products. Industry innovator is the greatest advantage for the company in its objectives. Apple has managed a strong brand image that reflects its quality and reliability. 

Distribution strategy: The Company has developed a strategy to utilize a variety of direct and indirect distribution channels that sale innovative and differentiated products. Company has expanded and improved its distribution capabilities by opening its own retail stores to improve the buying experience of customers. Company also sells directly through its online stores around the world. In this, company focuses on providing high quality services and after sale services to customers that helps to attract and retain them. It is concluded that the main strategic objective of apple is to provide innovative and quality products to customers.

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