Here is everything to know about Apple SWOT Analysis

Apple was established in 1976 by a team of visionaries. Started with the manufacturing of personal computer Macintosh, it has widened its product range to include iphone, ipad, ipod and a recent iwatch. The technology of Apple in terms of both hardware and software is highly advanced which is the reason behind its extreme popularity. Here is a SWOT analysis of Apple from strategic assignment help.

Strengths :

  1. Apple spends a large amount of its revenue on R&D for new technology. It comes with a new product every year, which encompasses something new from its previous version. This specialty has made Apple highly coveted. People await the launch of its products with great eagerness.
  2. The revenue generation of Apple is way higher than its rivals. Its availability in various product niches gives it a competitive edge over its adversaries.
  3. There is no other company in the market that provides both hardware and software of its own making. Smartphone giants such as Motorola and Samsung are using Android made by Google. Similarly, computer manufacturers are employing Windows made by Microsoft.
  4. Apple has established a number of customer support centers to solve product-related issues and queries. Its website also provides extensive customer support.

Weaknesses :

  1. The price range of Apple products is much more than its competitors. Therefore, it is out of the reach of middle-income groups.
  2. Its new product iwatch was not able to woo customers as expected. It proved to be a setback to Apple’s brand image.
  3. The Chinese manufacturer that was given the contract for Apple’s products violated the international labor laws by denying sufficient wages to workers. This also harmed Apple’s image in the world market.

Opportunities :

  1. Apple is currently supplying its products to eighteen countries. Seeing from this point of view, it still has a lot of world market space to grab.
  2. With its technological supremacy, Apple can diverse to other electronic products. Electric car segment is in need of new technology and Apple can benefit from it. A good product will automatically become hit because of Apple’s brand name.
  3. As Apple is ready to spend on new technology, it should work on inventing new products. This practice will popularize Apple rapidly.

Threats :

  1. The Smartphone market is still hugely dominated by Android operated phones. Apple needs to work a lot on itunes to make it more popular.
  2. Consumers are constantly looking for new technology. Apple is doing good in this sector but it needs to strive hard to adapt to market expectations.
  3. Apple needs to work against competitors offering products in low price range. This is a huge market to exploit and a brand in this segment can harm Apple’s revenues in future.

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