To what extent can we rely on the facts on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the source of almost every information for us. It contains millions of articles on topics in every range. If you search Google about anything, it is sure that you will find Wikipedia in top five search results. Owing to the fact that anybody with an internet connection can update a detail on this site, it becomes imperative to analyze its credibility. Many a times it is observed that people mold the content that they believe is harmful to their image or not in accordance to their belief. Citing Wikipedia in university assignments has become unacceptable since you cannot tell who wrote that article and even more, you cannot tell if it is correct. Our assignment experts have enlisted some reasons as to why you cannot rely on Wikipedia for university assignments anymore.

1. Anonymity- Wikipedia does not conduct a background check on the writer. People often resort to editing with a different name and therefore the source of information remains a real drawback of Wikipedia. How can you trust someone who is not even ready to provide his identity? Of course, it does not follow for everyone but in the light of this reason the website remains highly unreliable.

2. Writers with an agenda dominate- it is often observed that people with a strong viewpoint often dominate the posts. When an article is published, users with opposite opinions cite their views or delete a post. In this war of editing, person with the strongest agenda usually prevails. When this post is used as a source in print media or other articles it eventually becomes the standard.

3. Malicious entries- if a person wishes to falsify information, he can easily do so. Often edits are corrected by reviewers but that does not happen always. There is no measure to check the unauthorized content available on Wikipedia.

4. Lack of diversity- a majority of writers are from North America and Europe. This lack of diversity deprives us from getting the full picture of an issue. Wikipedia must establish funds to encourage writers from other parts of the world.

5. Influence of deletionists- a group of editors keep changing posts from new editors. This discourages them from posting new information. This trend has been subjected to protests but under lack of proper tools, this practice hasn’t been rectified. Wikipedia has been under constant debate for its credibility. The website also acknowledges this issue and you can see an article “reliability of Wikipedia” on the website. Therefore, if you are looking for assignment help do not use Wikipedia as your primary source of information. It can be used as a reference for acquiring details on a topic but re-check the data twice with other sources before including it in your work.

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