student accommodation and share accommodation in Australia

Student Accommodation and Share Accommodation in Australia

You get admission in the best college or university of Australia, so you are very happy but simultaneously a little bit stressed too. The reason behind your stress is how to find student accommodation in Australia. But, don’t be stressed as there are various ways you can find a good and affordable accommodation for yourself. Here we will give you some tips to find student accommodation and share accommodation in Australia.

On Campus Major colleges or institutes in Australia offer on campus accommodation to international and local students. This is a very convenient option but expensive too. Type of accommodation they offer includes a room in a hall or a sharing apartment in the same building. Sharing apartments are for those who want to share accommodation with other students. The choice is yours, whether you wish to live single or have friends with you.

Student Share houses & Private Rentals For international students and local students living outside, student share house is the good option. You can get a room there. Like you, there are thousands of students living there . You can have no. of friends in just no time. You can find an accommodation on rent also. But rental costs vary; depends on the city you are staying and type of accommodation you have. All the cities in Australia have areas where most of the students live due to their relative proximity to college campus and affordability (Part time job in Australia for International Students). Every Australian University offers student services to support students in finding their accommodation. With this, you can follow the social media profile of your institute or university and can publicly ask for the accommodation you need.


As a Paying Guest Sometimes, students live as a paying guest in the household of an Australian while pursuing their studies. Before your arrival, an agency sorted out these home stay arrangements for you [ ]. Its cost includes your meals also. This is a good option as it can provide a real Australian experience to you. You will get a chance to live with Australians. It helps you to learn their language, culture, preferences, likes dislikes. Overall, it allows you to settle well in the country (How to find best university in Australia). But this is more costly than student share houses. The above given options is the answer of your question – How to find student accommodation and share accommodation in Australia? Anyway, it totally depends on you that what kind of accommodation you are looking for [ ]. You want to live single or need a room partner, how much you can pay per month, you require a furnished or semi furnished accommodation, you know how to cook or not. You must be very careful while choosing or sharing accommodation. Here comes some good websites which can help you to find student accommodation and share accommodation in Australia.