Wal-Mart Business Strategies Assignment Help

Wal-Mart Business Strategies Assignment Help

Strategies to Increase Competitiveness and Profitability

As per wal-mart business strategy assignment help experts,there are three levels of strategies available that may be used by Wal-Mart to increase its competitiveness and profitability. The business level strategy would be more profitable for Wal-Mart as this level of strategy will help to create competitive position in the industry by distinguishing the operational activities of Wal-Mart from its competitors. The current cost leadership strategy could be used for the product and market development of the firm into new and existing regions as it will be effective to attract the customers and retain them for long-time.

It will increase market share into particular segments by targeting narrow segments that may increase overall performance and sales positively. Under this strategy, integrated actions can be designed by the management to attract the customers and create a distinctive image of the firm among customers and competitors. Similarly, at corporate level, it could use the merger and acquisition strategy to enter in new markets with the help of its large financial sources, which would be effective to reduce the entry barriers and to increase the market share along with competitiveness due to its international expansion. To develop core competency, this level of strategy works positively. Under functional level strategy, the firm can identify market niches that may generate higher profits for the firm by increasing sales of it. Overall, use of focus cost leadership strategy may increase the market share of the firm in the broad as well as narrow target customers. To make this strategy successful, Wal-Mart is required to focus more on quality.

This strategic level would be effective to enhance the overall significance of the firm in the international market and to produce positive results for the firm in terms of market share and competitiveness.

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