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Workforce Diversity Assignment help | Diversity in Workforce Assignment help Workforce Diversity In this assignment help diverse workforce is a strategic function of the human resources department. Before a human resources individual can effectively guide leaders in developing a diverse workforce, it is important to understand the key issues associated with diversity in the workplace. In the current business scenario, diversity in workforce has become necessary for large or small business.

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Diversity is helpful to motivate the employees and maximize the potential of the companies. Workforce diversity is quite important concept that contributes to make a fair society. It is also helpful for the employees to improvise their talent that is essential to reach at the untouched targets. Consumers also show their interests in the diversified workforce due to difference in their age, culture, race, regions, gender, disability etc. Diversified workforce has variety of information of several market trends due to difference in skills and working environment. We provide the original workforce diversity assignment help, management assignment help, business assignment help, economics assignment help, finance assignment help and accounting assignment help. Difference between Diversity and Affirmative Action Affirmative actions are the laws made for promoting equal employment opportunities and to remove unfair practices and policies for improving the fairness of the organization. On the other hand, diversity is a commitment to accept and respect the similarities and differences on the basis their characteristics. Diversity is helpful to understand the differences of individuals like cultural and functional features. Both of these have some differences on the basis of several points. Affirmative action choose, encourage and reward skilled employees and in this, race, color, national origin, sex, religion and other characterizes doesn’t matter. The employees appraised on the basis of their experiences, job skills and qualities. At the same time, concentration is the key difference among the diversity and affirmative action. It is because diversity mainly concentrates on managing the quality of diverse employees and affirmative action concentrates on the quantity of diverse employees of the company. 

Elements of Culturally Diverse Workforce There are several components of diverse workforce that help to motivate the employees. These elements include ethical and racial minorities of the employees that are different from person to person. An individual have different characteristics due to difference in their way of working. In addition, immigrants are also considered as a component of culturally diversified workforce, because immigrants belong to other country to settle in different country. The knowledge and skills of immigrants are different from the domestic employees that are born in the same country, in which they are working. At the same time, physically and mentally disabled people are also included in diverse workforce, because they cannot work in effective way as the enabled people can work. The disabled persons also have different culture. Some other components are religions affiliation, sexual orientation, life style, level of skills, way of working, economic level in the society etc (National Research Council (U.S.). In addition, employees may also be diversified on the basis of geographical reason that also follows different culture. The geographical distribution can be exercised by state wise, country wise, locally etc. The age and gender elements are also important element of diversified workforce.

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