5 Ways to Achieve your Individual Values Goal

5 Ways to Achieve your Individual Values Goal

Impact of Individual Values My individual values drive actions and behavior in following ways:

Communication: It is the effect of my individual values that I prefer to ensure open communication with everyone whether it’s my social friends, relatives, my colleagues and clients. Due to this open communication habit, I never faced any issues, as open communication itself is a major tool to avoid any issues related to confusion or doubt with others.

Maintain honesty: I use to prefer honesty and integrity in my actions and behavior at the job, as these are my individual values to which I cannot compromise at any cost (Lewis, 2000). Under the influence of these values, I have taken some preventive actions to avoid any delay in delivery of products and services to my clients at the job. Due to my honesty, I have been rewarded many times by my supervisors at the job. Along with this, in my home, all financial issues and matters are resolved by me due to my honest behavior and my relatives have trust on me in these matters. For example, most of time, I use to plan the budget and allocate the amount to activities of family outing, tours and other events of my relatives.

Be on time: My values also motivate me to go on time at the job daily. It helps me to accomplish all my tasks and activities without running out of time. Due to my time punctuality, my social groups like me and tend to allocate any task that needs commitment towards the time.

Cooperation: My individual values drive cooperative and collaborative behavior and actions at the job. I use to help people during my job to ensure that their tasks are hassle free and completed on time (Lussier & Achua, 2009). Furthermore, not only to my staff members, but also tend to help my social groups including friends, relatives and peers in completing their major tasks. Along with this, I also show interest in putting my efforts to achieve goals by collaboration at the job.

Alignment The alignment between my values, actions and behavior at my job at Starbucks is good. My individual values like honesty, integrity, open communication, cooperative behavior, time punctuality etc are well aligned with my actions and behaviors at my job (Lewis, 2000). I use to follow all these values during my daily work at the store of Starbucks, where I am a store manager. I always show cooperation towards my staff members in handling their critical issues. Along with this, I use to carry the ethical code of conduct of my job that also forms a part of my values at the job by not making any false promise to my customers. I try to maintain the store ambience and decorum pleasant and attractive honestly by ensuring all activities on time. I use to check activities of each and every staff member of my store to ensure timely delivery of services to daily customers (Lussier & Achua, 2009). Furthermore, I also help out my clients in addressing any issue they face at the store by considering my prime responsibility.   References Lewis, H. (2000). A Question of Values: Six Ways We Make the Personal Choices That Shape Our Lives. (4th ed). VA: Axios Press. Lussier, R.N. & Achua, C.F. (2009). Leadership: Theory, Application, & Skill Development. (4th ed). USA: Cengage Learning.

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