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Health Condition As per health care case study assignment help experts, Anxiety is a health condition that can be reduced and addressed effectively by consuming KAVA that is a natural herb. The root of KAVA is used as medicine (KAVA, 27 September 2012).

Implications, Dosage and Risks of Supplement Implications: KAVA is applied for calm down the people suffering from anxiety. It also lowers stress level by treating sleep related problems of people. Along with this, it is also helpful in handling anxiety in women going through their menopause after one week of treatment. It influences the brain and central nervous system of people that work on anxiety issue. Dosage: Extracts that are standardized 70% kavalactones are prescribed dose that lower anxiety levels of individuals (KAVA, 27 September 2012). Risks of Supplement: There are certain risks of taking KAVA as dietary supplements. It should be not taken by mouth. It can cause serious liver damages. Taking KAVA from one to three months can result into liver transplant in some conditions.  It can also affect the ability of people to operate machinery. If it is taken by pregnant women, it can affect their uterus. Similarly, through breast, kava can also hurt a breast fed infant. Along with this, use of KAVA can also cause serious illness. If KAVA is used before and after surgery, it can cause anesthesia. It can also make the case of depression worse (KAVA, 27 September 2012).  Use of KAVA with Alprazolam can result into increased drowsiness. Using KAVA with sedatives like phenobarbitol, lorezpam, clonazepam etc can also cause in excessive sleepiness. KAVA with levapoda can reduce the effectiveness of levapoda that is responsible for increasing dopamine in brain.   References KAVA (27 September 2012). Retrieved from