7 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Has this lockdown made you negligent and a bit lazy about your work? 

Are your deadlines, homework assignments, household, and your life inactive because of your sluggish behavior? Are you worried as to how to remove this slow-moving attitude out of your life?

Here’s an answer.


Procrastination is an act to delay work until the very last moment. Carefully planning your tasks and avoiding negative thoughts help to overcome procrastination. Procrastination is not only about your lazy attitude; it is about how you lose your interest in something.

You always search for motivation while doing your work. Although, some reasons like anxiety, fear, stress can be a hurdle in your way that leads you to procrastination. Then why not find some way to help ourselves.

This lockdown has been monotonous for everyone. There were times when work from home became our daily habit, leading to sluggishness. However, learning how to regulate your emotions better helps reduce procrastination. Here are some tips you might find helpful.

  1. Deal with your fears and take initiative
    Fear of failure or making mistakes is one of the main reasons for procrastination. If you believe in yourself and feel that you deserve success, just take an initiative for yourself. Get up, make a to-do list, and get to work with a positive attitude. Knowing what all to accomplish gives a great start to every mind.
  2. Manage your time and see the magic
    The best way to avoid procrastination is to manage your time effectively. Making a timetable for the whole day and following it gives a sense of satisfaction. There should be a balance between work and rest time slots so that there is no tiredness and, you can also reward yourself at the end of the day. Divide your big projects into smaller ones, which are easy to achieve.

  3. To grow in life- Focus on goals, not on the tasks
    We all are driven by the future result, the fruit of hard work. Focus on what you are working for. If you are clear with what you want to achieve, this step would be a great help to you. Projects may be hard to complete, but the pay-off helps us to work it out anyway.
  4.  Costs of procrastination – Punish yourself a little
    Listing the costs helps you know the seriousness of the tasks. It also lets you know that what you lose from the day, your social media time, or your evening run, which helps you be more focused on completing the given task in the given time. Make both professional and personal lists; it is definitely worth making. Once you know the costs, your mind will concentrate on the work to be done. Light punishments are most effective.
  5. Avoid distractions to gain self-attention
    We all have distractions and, those are the only reasons for our procrastination. Avoiding distractions is not an easy task, yet important. Different methods like alarms, switching mobile phones off, zen-modes, etc. are some interesting ways to avoid distractions and complete your day-to-day goals.
  6. Communicate and share your precious thoughts and opinions
    Tell someone about your goals. Once you share what you want to do, you feel that someone knows that you are responsible for your work. This will make you feel difficult in backing out in showing a laid-back attitude towards your projects. Your family and friends will also be a great support to you. Speak up when it is needed- do not maintain silence forever.
  7.  Reward yourself – Gifts always work as an encouragement
    When you feel satisfied with the work you have done on the whole day, the way you have tried to overcome your laziness, award yourself with some treat. Reward yourself for your accomplishments and monitor your progress every day.


Hence, these are some of the most effective ways to get rid of procrastination just in a week. MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THEM REGULARLY.

 By using the right Practices and guidance, it is possible to be back on track, away from all distractions and laziness. We can and, we should take control of our life and get our work done.

Try different ways to remain focused. Meditate. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Practice yoga. Go for a walk. Have a good sleep. Stay positive and keep up your work. BY ANYWAYS- KEEP PROCRASTINATION AWAY.