5 most effective ways to avoid distractions- EDUCATION TIPS

5 most effective ways to avoid distractions

Have you ever realized why you are not able to study continuously? May be, distractions are the villain for your concentration!

Distractions can be detrimental to your study schedule. You must try to keep distractions away from you as much as possible. Some of us are hooked to our virtual video games, mobile phones, TV series, etc. These are not good habits when you have exams and assignments on hand. Focus is a necessity while studying. A short span of focused study is better than hours of unfocused study. In the COVID caused lockdown, students have been facing a lot of issues. With the whole family at home, it can become really difficult to focus on your studies completely. Here are some best ways for you to cope with distractions while studying at home.

Stay away from video games and mobile phones- It’s not that difficult!

Technology has progressed too far. All gadgets like mobile phones, video games, TV sets form an integral part of our life. We enjoy using them. When you sit down to study, you must set aside all your gadgets to avoid being distracted. This will help you to focus on your studies fully. Video games and mobile phones are major issues faced by students. These take away the focus and do not let you study with complete focus.

Stay away from video games

Strategize your Study Schedule- Planning is a smart Game!

Planning your study schedule is a great idea, giving equal time slots to each subject. You do not need to set aside long hours of study. You can choose to go with one-hour study sessions and five minutes breaks after each such session. This will help you to relieve your mind of stress and provide equally well-focused study time for each subject. These short breaks also help you to rethink and revise what you have studied in your unconscious mind.

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Choose a quiet corner to study- Nobody should come in-between you and your studies!

In this lockdown period, homes have become a powerhouse of energy. To study with great focus, you need a quiet place with no distractions around you. You must probably choose a quiet corner of the house preferably with a window nearby. You can place your study table in such a quiet corner so that you can study well. A study table provides you with a specified place to study. This also makes it clear to others that you are studying and must not be disturbed.

Physical and mental health- As Health is wealth!

In such stressful times, your mental and physical health holds great importance. At the same time, you need to remain safe. You can opt for various activities inside the home, which will help you remain fit physically and mentally. Meditation and Rubix cube are great for your mental health. These will keep you calm and keep negative thoughts at bay. Skipping rope, Pilates, and yoga are great for your body.

Source: Ottawa Citizen

Keep everything you need close to you- No more excuses to get up while studying!

After you have planned your study schedule, you must plan what all you will need during your study. You must keep all your books and notes handy. Therefore, you will not have to get up every time you need something. Keep your calculator, books, notes, stationery, water bottle, etc. near you. This helps in saving time. You can even keep coffee or tea if you are studying at night. Dry fruits help you satisfy your hunger while you study. You should keep your laptop nearby if you have an online class or have to work digitally.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, these were some of the easiest and quickest ways to avoid distractions while studying. Distractions hurt your studies. When you sit down to study, you must avoid all disturbances. That’s the only solution to get amazing academic results. Focused study ensures that you retain well and for longer periods. In such hard times, assignments can become a burden with their deadlines. You can reach out to our customer care to get help with your assignments at the most affordable rates. We are the best assignment help services. Good Luck.