Online Education: A Blessing in Disguise or A Burden on Students?

It was all well and great until the COVID 19 hit us like a wave and crashed all our plans. The school-going children were one of the biggest hunts for this pandemic. In the formative years of their education, our children have to go through such sea changes.

However, the trend of online education is not that new in the world. Still, a complete dependency on digital platforms is what no kid was prepared for. Shifting to the online mode was the only solution handy at the moment when the pandemic started. There are significant ups and downs encountered by children while getting friendly with electronic devices for endless hours. What changes did it bring to the lives of children? Let us have a look at all of them.

Boon of Online Education

Everything has slipped online due to the terror of the Coronavirus spread. Kids are at high uncertainty of infection. However, education is not disturbed and compromised.

  • No Loss of Education: The online mode has helped children to keep up with their education amid the pandemic. Schools were shut down physically but classes continued on the virtual platforms. Google came forward with new apps like Google Classroom, Zoom meetings, and Google meet soon caught up. It helped the students cope with their education in these problematic times.
  • New techniques for teaching: Teachers even came up with new ways to teach students and engage them online. It has helped students in a great way as they did not end up losing a whole year of education and also got an insight into new methods of teaching. These new ways are helpful and might continue to post online education scenarios.

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Bane of Online Education

This online transition does come with some downside to it. Some of these are easily manageable while others will require care and consideration.

  • The problem of accessibility to the online medium: Not many families can afford a separate phone for their children for online study. It has become a hassle in the lives of working parents. Some families cannot afford the internet subscriptions required for the children to complete their online classes. Added to this, online assignments and submissions. It has become a problem for some households.
  • Health Issues: Screen time should be restricted to avoid damage to the eyes of the young children but with online education, restrictions are going away. In the long run, we might have to deal with the long term effects of online education.
  • Stress: Online education has killed the fun students used to have in the recess and the chit chat. In the offline study, stress and homework are balanced by co-curricular activities and talking to friends. In the online study, there is just pressure and stress of academics that are not canceled out by recreational activities. It has made academics more stressful for students.
  • Lack of Body exercises: When students went to school, they had physical education and sports periods. In this pandemic, all of that has vanished. The students are sitting in front of laptops and mobile screens, munching on their favorite snacks. It has made the students couch potatoes, ruining their health.

Wrapping up 

We would say that online mode is here to stay until the end of the pandemic. We can only wait for it to be over and can ponder over different facts and outcomes related to the online mode. We can surely say that the online mode of education has helped the students in a great way. The method will stay as an integral part of the education system even after the pandemic is over.

Online mode can be managed well with a few tips and organizational skills. You should always maintain a healthy diet and an exercise regime while going through such a hectic online schedule. As you need to spend a lot of time in front of the screens, consider getting a blue light filter lens glass. These glasses are designed to save your eyes from damage by screens. You can even opt for eye exercises. This helps relieve the eye muscles of strain. All these habits will help you to cope with online education.