Advertising and Public Relations Assignment Help

Advertising and Public Relations Assignment Help

Anti-aging cream can be selected, for which advertising is presented as an alternative to plastic surgery and Botox injections that are more expensive and invasive treatments. In its advertising, scientific study approach is highlighted by showing the results of a scientific research about its impact on skin. In this concern, it is difficult for the customers to believe on these types of research. Customers do not have trust on these scientific evidences and don’t try to use this type of product. It is because there may be possibility of adverse effects on using this product (Boone & Kurtz,2011). In order to make trust with customers, company should use other approach to advertise its product.

It can use evidence based advertising approach with creation of customer experiences. In this, company can demonstrate the product directly and explain all specific features of product. Through this, company can demonstrate how a brand can enrich life of customers. It can create a strong brand image by inviting prospectus and customers to visit their research centers and factories. In addition, it is necessary for the company to convince perspective and current customers regarding the positive impact of the product (Du Plessis, 2001). This can help the company to follow AIDA model (aware, interest, desire and action) that can be useful to satisfy queries of customers on the spot. It is because this approach will be useful to inform the customers about the product and its benefits effectively and after that, customers can take decisions related to purchasing of this product (Lambert, 2010). For this approach, company can contact with prospectus directly and can demonstrate its product.


In this, company should use effective advertising media that could solve queries of customers face to face and satisfy them. In this regarding, personal selling can be a better media that can build up buyer preference, conviction and action. In personal selling, for this product, personal interaction can be useful to create an immediate and interactive conversation with the customers. Through this, customers can ask any queries regarding benefits and impacts of the cream on daily use. Now, company uses TV ads or print ads to market its product but there is possibility that customer can understand product related messages overlooked. In personal selling, company can use outdoor medium that can be helpful for the company to be flexible and show high repeat exposure at low cost and low competition (Cant & Heerden, 2006).


With this, money back guarantee scheme can be fruitful for the company because it can attract more customers to adopt its product at large extent. It should include coupons, contests, discounts or free samples for consumers in personal selling. Moreover, a live demonstration through personal selling can be effective to make trust with the customers. For this, it is necessary for the company to give a particular time to the customers for applying this product and analyzing its impact on skin. It will help to build customer belief in product of the company. They will try and use this for observing the impact of this cream on their skin (Mullin, 2010). Outcomes of product use will be crucial for the company to build more customer base in the market. It is because positive results on use of cream will be sufficient for the company to attract new prospectus for using this product. Thus, company can utilize a better approach to advertise its product and implement an effective advertising media in order to build market position (Honeycutt, Ford & Simintiras, 2003).


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