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Initial Sales Promotion Schedule Advertising and sales promotions are the most effective tools and techniques that help to create position of the brands in Assignment Help the mind of consumers. Sale promotion is one of the aspects of seven promotional mix aspects. It directly contacts with the consumers to promote organizational products and services. To increase the sales of the organization, sales promotion should be properly scheduled that can be integrated with the existing system.


Ray-Ban can use the following steps for the initial sales promotion schedule for its earpiece of the eyewear:


Guidelines for Sale Promotion: In this step, it should establish the guidelines that are covered in an initial sales promotion. This step includes a multi-phase plan and considers different guidelines such as goal, targeted consumers, targeted trade and integration. The goal of Ray-Ban for earpieces for its earphones is to reward loyalty or particular behaviors. It will provide an incentive to its potential consumers for changing their behavior. For example, it can give a discount on buying a big volume of earpieces (Sales Promotion Assignment Help). These discounts will be used to motivate the consumers and switch to use other competitive products. In addition, they can use some other ways to attract more consumers. At the same time our marketing assignment help experts say that this step is also worthwhile for Advertising and Sales Promotion Assignment Helpdetermining scope of entire advertising companion.


The advertising scope of Ray Ban includes pre-planning work that is prepared within a budget. In addition, guidelines also provide that who will be targeted for earpieces of ear wears. The earpieces are targeted to young age people that believe in fashion. These people can redeem discount coupons within three months that can be received from company websites, store, emails, phones etc. Additionally, guidelines about distribution of earpieces are also important for Ray-Ban due to biggest challenge of the market. This step also considers the integration between the selling message and brand image.


Timeline for Planning Efforts: Ray-Ban should prepare a timeline for all the planning efforts to launch an initial sales promotion schedule. In addition, how much time it will take to complete and develop an advertising plan from the beginning of sales promotional schedule. For example, if, the sale promotion of earpieces of Ray-Ban will begin from September 1, 2012, then it will be completed within six months. During this period, all the marketing and planning efforts should be accomplished to prepare an effective schedule (Miner & Miner, 2005). This timeline will be helpful to estimate and manage the time to accomplish the projected efforts. At the same time, it is a blueprint of the sales promotional planning that effectively concentrates on the promotional efforts. These efforts will be focused on the basis of situation analysis and predetermined budgets.


Ray-Ban should keep in mind that promotional efforts must be measurable and attainable by the sales team. A timeline for promotional efforts may be started from few weeks to long-term such as five years. For this, Ray Ban can complete it within six months, because less timeline creates unnecessary stress and reduce the quality of work. On the other hand, it should not also consider a long timeline, because it may be seen as unachievable and increase cost of the organization. So, that Ray-Ban can use six to 12 months for best middle ground for completing promotional efforts. You can also avail company sales and promotion case study assignment help services from our experts.


Establishment of the Budget: This is the most important step of initial sales promotion schedule. This budget should consider all the costs that may be occurred during the promotional plan. It should include advertising plan development cost, material security cost, advertisement placement cost in media outlet and buying and advertising time for the plan. In this step, Ray Ban should take into account that actual cost and time, because the cost of all these things are different in different time periods. The budget should be able to complete all the promotional efforts that are included in initial sales promotion schedule. Along with this assignment help, the sales promotion budget should be directly related to the promotional activities. These activities should be meet with the competition and help to increase the market share. In this step, the costs are decided for every promotional activity that participates to achieve the sales promotional objectives. The sales promotional objectives may be included an increase in the sale volume, profits, market share. Sales promotion should also improve the awareness of the Ray Ban earpieces. Thus, it can be said that the sales promotional budget for Ray Ban is the amount used to promote its earpieces among the potential consumers. Ray Ban should consider sufficient budget that can provide an effective message to its consumers.


Target Market for Promotional Efforts: An initial sales promotion schedule permits Ray Ban to test its advertising campaign in the target sales advertising assignment help expertsmarket. It is helpful to identify that the delivered message is effective or not to create awareness among the consumers about its earpieces. It can use different media for promoting its brands. If, one media is not working in the effective way then, Ray Ban can outperform another media for sales promotion.

After that, it can schedule the media for final sales promotional activities (Product marketing mix assignment help). With the promotional plan, it can determine that, who are interested in buying earpieces on the basis of demographic factors of the consumers. The demographic factors may be included as age, sex, behavior, education, income etc. of the potential consumers. At the same time, Ray Bin can use several types of media to promote earpiece of the eyewear. These marketing media include print, broadcast and digital media that will be helpful to promote earpieces of Ray Ban in different way (Direct Marketing Channel Assignment Help). Ray Ban can use two different types of sales promotion, one is consumer sales promotion and other is trade sales promotion. In consumer sales promotion, it will target only consumers to promote earpieces of ear wears. On the other hand, our marketing experts write that, trade sales promotion will target the retailers, sales staff and distributor that will provide the final products to the consumers.


Pre-Plan Advertising: After determining target markets, an advertising plan will be developed to provide detail information about new earpiece of the eyewear to the customers in order to create positioning of a brand. There are three main areas of an advertising plan that are objective or goals, ways to achieve objectives and evaluation of outcomes (pricing marketing mix assignment help). Following are the steps of advertising plan for the new Ray Ban Navigational system that will be integrated into the earpiece of the eyewear. Define objectives: The advertising objectives typically stated in terms of communication and sales goals that are as below –


  • To communicate about features of product to a target audience
  • To increase sales of new Ray Ban Navigational system by 5% within one year
  • To build awareness about new brand among the consumers

Determining budget: After defining objectives, a budget will set aside to conduct advertising activities during a specific time period. Under this, the company will locate budget for different advertising or promotional activities according to objectives. Selection of tools: In this step, different advertising tools will be selected from direct advertising, print media, internet advertising, mass media advertising, outdoor advertising etc. In this case, print media, mass media and internet will be used to transfer message as well as promote new Ray Ban Navigational system in market. Advertising schedule: Advertising is more effective when it conducts at right time in the market. Under this, date and timing of advertisement through print media, internet and TV will be divided. Designing advertising copy: An advertising copy will be designed for each type of advertising tools to communicate with target audience in effective manner.


Post-Plan Advertising: Under the post-plan advertising, two most important activities of advertising plan will be conducted that are as below – Execution of advertising: After developing advertising plan, the advertisement will be released in the advertising programs assignment help Experts 1market by using selected advertising tools. In this way, under the sales promotion, the advertisement for Ray Ban Navigational system will be started from September 1, 2012 through print media, internet or web and TV. In addition, the manager of the company will be ensured that advertisements will show at the decided day, time and place according to schedule in next 6 to 12 months. Along with this, different message delivery tools will be also used to convey information about the features of a new system to customers (Marketing Advertising Plan Assignment Help).


Evaluation of advertising effectiveness: In order to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising plan, a tracking system will be set up within sales and marketing department. The outcomes of advertising will be assessed in terms of brand positioning by taking feedback from customers. The actual performance or outcomes of advertising plan will be compared with pre-determined advertising objectives to identify strengths and weaknesses of a plan (Burrow, Everard & Kleindl, 2007). The evaluation of advertising plan will be helpful for an advertiser to develop an effective secondary sales promotion schedules and advertising plan for new Ray Ban Navigational system by identifying weaknesses of the first advertising campaign and their activities (Coca-Cola Advertising Plan Marketing Assignment Help).


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