Competitor Analysis of Google,Yahoo, Microsoft Assignment Help

The competitive analysis considers the following points by which comparison of Google’s competitors can be done in effective way. These points are included in the following table:


Competitors à Google Yahoo Microsoft
Competitive advantages Incredibly powerful infrastructure, innovative services, and market share It is the leader in the full-fledged internet portal Leading in the PC and software industry such as windows and office.
Strategic direction Powerful establishment of wide differentiation of harmonizing products Guides the users about its own services Development of software as services
Search result quality High quality Poor search High but less than Google
Business lines Concentrated on the search engine business Single portal system that is based on several business line It is also single portal system that is completely based on many business lines
Market share in US internet search market 56.3% 21.5% 8.4%

Google can response to its major rivals like Yahoo and Microsoft by identifying its future objectives, so that it can make effective strategies to reduce their performance. In addition, it should also analyze those areas in which it has competitive advantages. It can also take some further steps to make strong relationship with its competitors. For making the strong relationship, it has to implement some changes in its current strategies and future objectives


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