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According to advertising assignment help experts of USA and Australia, The media and advertisement section of The New York Times published an advertisement of Tide detergent in the edition of 14 February 2012 that made a significant impact on the mind of newspaper viewers’ along with me. P&G promoted the detergent of Tide in the new marketing campaign with the theme of “Pop in. Stand out” (Sales Promotion Assignment Help).


The feature of this white campaign contains a vessel that is filled by small colorful pods and it is put on a transparent stand that shows the nature of water. On the other hand, this tide and also contains a washing machine and a black young girl in white dress. The lady is stand inside of the washing machine. As per online assignment help this ad of Tide pods advocates for using the detergent of Tide to wear white cloths without any fear related to cloths’ staining. This ad of Tide upbeats shows the new generation of its products with the help of its youthful attitude that effectively makes a difference between Tide Pods and conventional detergents (Marketing Advertising Plan Assignment Help).


The picture of young girl represents the health concerns of detergent that only attacks on the stains of cloths, not the hands of users as like other detergents. The white dress of young girl is also suited with the theme of the Tide detergent that focuses on the whiteness of cloths after the use of Tide detergent. The colorful theme of pods also helps the P&G to make the effective mark of Tide on the color of clothes that would not change the strength of cloths’ color. Hence marketing experts, this ad of P&G is so significant for the promotion of Tide because of its attractive nature in the context of customers.


Three forms of advertisement by This ad of Tide is so effective because it fulfill the three forms of advertisement like type of product, product placement, and service types. The pod of Tide defines the type of product, its category and nature. The cover position of this ad in “The New York Times” effectively shows the placement form of advertising in the context of Tide detergent. On the other hand, the color of cloth with the girl’s color describes the service type that is also a form of advertising.


So, this ad of Tide fulfills all the three forms of adverting significantly for improving the knowledge of customers Impact of Tide’s Ad by Marketing assignment help This advertising of Tide in The New York Times is effective because it makes a judging line to know the difference between the ordinary detergent products and Tide detergent. The non-effective impact of pods on the girl’s colure is so significant to attract customers because some other detergent generally affects the skin of user’s hand in the washing acts. The skin is a crucial matter in the context of household women, therefore; this ad would make effective impact on them to purchase new products of Tide detergent to protect the hand’ skin from harmful detergents. This ad would also make significant impact on other family members along with other community people in the marketplace to adopt the use of new product of Tide. So assignment help says that this advertising would be able to make significant impact over the mind of customers in the place of market.


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