Marketing Assignment Help On: Competitive Environment

In this marketing assignment help, we have analyzed the competitive environment of Toyota and GM to determine the corporation’s most significant competitor and also explained the strategies in slow and fast cycle markets.  

Marketing Assignment Help:
Competitive Environment: for GM Toyota, Japanese automobile company, is one of the major competitors of GM. Lean manufacturing, TQM, efficient technology development and reliable products are some of the core competencies of Toyota that create a significant threat for GM globally. Toyota is engaged to use differentiation strategy as business-level strategy. Unlike GM, Toyota is not only engaged to make a differentiation in quality on the basis of demographic factors, but it also uses other factors as well. A hybrid strategy of this organization is signified its way to create differentiation quality.

According to the online assignment writing experts, this strategy of Japanese automobile maker enables to achieve leading place in the industry. By implementing hybrid strategy and conventional technology, Toyota has become an only automaker that consistently engaged to improve global-warming performance since 2001. Such innovative use of differentiation strategy of Toyota is likely to achieve more success in the long run than GM. On the other hand, our marketing assignment help experts say that Toyota is engaged to use diversification strategy as corporate-level strategy. Toyota’s diversification is quite wide in the comparison of GM as it is engaged to manufacture automobiles, engines, motorcycles and commercial vehicles that ensure greater protection from economic changes. At the same time, its diversification is almost related to the technology of Toyota’s core business that also provides protection from this vulnerable business environment, while reducing cost to the greater extent. It is because the corporate-level strategy of Toyota is likely to prove more successful and sustainable in comparison to GM. Consumers are aware of the consequences of global warming that likely to increase the demand of hybrid automotive products. The increasing competition is also exposed risk for the business. The strategies of Toyota are more effective as it is likely to fulfill both emerging demands. Due to this, as per the strategy, Toyota is likely to become more successful in long-run than GM.


Strategies in Slow and Fast Cycle Markets Assignment Help: Toyota mainly focuses on manufacturing of hybrid vehicles, which is the new concept for automobiles industry that will help it to survive in the market. In slow-cycle market assignment help, the demand of the vehicles could be declined that may impact on the business of the company. In this situation, both organization products demand can decline and the customer would prefer the cost-efficient and high-performance vehicle to save the money. As per our business experts, Toyota is the best choice in the slow-market situation because it provides hybrid vehicles with latest technologies that are cost-effective and save the money of customers in long-time, so a customer will prefer it in comparison to GM vehicles. In recent time, customers prefer the hybrid cars because it reduces its expenses and protects the environment of the country. Hybrid vehicles are beneficial for customers because it reduces emissions and is fuel efficient that provides advantages to Toyota in the slow-cycle market in comparison to GM. Fast cycle markets are such market in which organization’s competitive advantage becomes obsolete on a frequent basis due to imitation. These markets do not ensure sustainability factors of competitive advantage that is responsible to increase competition and threat for organizations accordingly. In comparison to Toyota, GM is likely to grow with more suitability as a technology of hybrid vehicle is being imitated by the competitors on the frequent basis. Due to this, cost leadership and differentiation both strategies are likely to require in the fast-cycle market.


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