Analysis Design and Formulation of Strategy for Wal-Mart

Analysis Design and Formulation of Strategy for Wal-Mart – Assignment Help

  Question:- Evaluate the use of portfolio analysis in the design and formulation of a strategy for Wal-Mart.

Answer:- The portfolio analysis has effectively enabled the Wal-Mart to form and design the business strategies. The different factors have been identified under the portfolio analysis which has enabled the company to implement the corporate and strategic business strategies effectively align with the organizational goals as well as objectives. The analysis is mainly based on the internal and external factors which are affecting the business operations of the company within the market place (Walmart assessment help). The internal factors are mainly analysed with the help of SWOT analysis by which the micro-environment factors which can affect the business operations are identified in efficient manner. In this, the strengths, weakness, threats or opportunities associated with the business activities or operations as per the organizational and present business scenario are analysed in effective manner. In the same manner, the external or micro-environment factors which are affecting the business operations are also effectively identified using the portfolio analysis. The different models or methods can be used for analysing the external forces using the portfolio analysis (Wal-Mart Business Strategies Assignment Help). This mainly includes PESTLE analysis, Value chain model, Porter’s five forces, BCG Model and Ansoff’s matrix. These models can be effectively used for developing efficient business strategy align with organizational objectives by considering business growth and expansion at the same time.

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