Critically Analyze Wal-Mart Corporate Strategy

Critically Analyze Wal-Mart Corporate Strategy – Assignment Help

  Question:- Critically analyze Wal-Mart’s Corporate Strategy and evaluate which of these strategies is working effectively for Wal-Mart

Answer:- From the different market researches, it has been analysed that different generic strategies have been adopted by the Wal-Mart for their business expansion which mainly include differentiation strategy, cost leadership as well as focus strategy (Walmart assignment help). But as per the organizational objectives, it has been analysed that the company is more focused towards the strategy of cost leadership in order to remain competive for longer time frame by enhancing or expanding their overall market share at the same time.   The financial position of company is better as compared with other retail companies across the domestic as well as global market place. The main focus of this strategy of Wal-Mart is to dominate the retail sector for longer time (Training and Development in Wal-Mart Assignment Help). By this strategy, the company has maintained the prices of their goods or services and in some cases, also able to reduce the overall prices that have certainly enabled the company to build strong relation and trust among their potential customers. This has also enabled to purchase products at lower costs and then sale at less cost to the customers which as a result have helped the company to increase their sales levels. This has enhanced competition within the retail industry and enabled Wal-Mart to effectively compete in rapid changing marketing conditions across the globe.

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