Starbucks company journey to Indian market

Starbucks company journey to Indian market Assignment Help Starbucks have adopted the joint venture strategy to expand its business in an Indian market. According to Starbucks assignment help writer the joint venture has been occurred with the Tata Global Beverages Limited. The company has entered in India in the year 2012 and has opened 100 stores in India in the year 2017. There is an existence of more than 330000 partners of Starbucks in India which has helped in creation of the strong foundation for Starbucks in the country. Besides this, the company has also planned to open three new stores in Kolkata in the early 2018 with a store at iconic Park Mansion for the purpose of reflecting the heritage of Starbucks coffee (Starbucks, 2018). The stores of Starbucks offer extensive variety of food products and handcrafted beverages in the country.

This joint venture between Starbucks and Tata Global Beverages Limited has become successful due to the reason that there is a presence of the alignment between the values and mission of both the companies. Both companies emphasize on providing high quality products to its Indian customers at reasonable prices to maintain their sustainability. Besides this, Tata Starbucks is also expects to increase the number of employees in the next five years to 3000 in India by increasing the proportion of women by 40% in the workforce by the year 2022 (Starbucks, 2018). The company has also introduced the policy of five day work in the year 2016 which facilitates in making it the best employer in the market by making investments in research and development to create better opportunities for the employees. As per Assignment Help Melbourne experts Starbucks has opened its first store in Mumbai and has continue to expand its business in India by opening stores in five cities other than Mumbai such as Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad (Giriprakash, 2013). At the opening of its 100th store in India, Tata Starbucks has introduced the Golden Sparkle Frappuccino Blended Beverage at its store at INR 100 on October 28, 2017.

 Tata Starbucks Private Limited has an employee network of 1600 employees all over the India. Starbucks has planned to expand its business operations in India due to the reason that there is an increased demand and consumption of coffee in the country. Besides this, it has made changes in its products in order to meet the changing needs of the customers and Indian conditions. Along with this, Starbucks have to offer its products at low price in India in order to penetrate in the market (Menon, 2016). The major competitor of Starbucks in India is Café Coffee Day. The joint venture with Tata Global Beverages Limited has helped in reaching to a large customer base as it has a massive distribution network. The initial investment made by both the companies is $80 million (Starbucks, 2018).   The company has planned to provide training to young people in order to create employment opportunities for them and contribute towards the GDP of the country. In this manner, the Starbucks is continuing the expansion of the business in different cities in India.

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