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Apple Marketing Opportunities Assignment Help Looking for the conditions of both the countries, all the products of the company would be successful in these countries. It would be much better for the company to first launch its iPod and iPhone into the market of these countries because people here are fun loving and loves to listen to music through high definition system.

At the same time, people in Russia and Poland are technology choosy, so there would be no doubt for the company to be unsuccessful. The company will basically target the people with high attitude, education and income level. This will help organization to get established itself easily in the market. In the same way, lifestyle of people would be another target of the company as the people with high lifestyle can only afford the product of Apple Inc. In addition to this marketing experts, company may target the person with high income irrespective of their sex. The target group for the company would generally be people with age group between 20-40 years.

As this age group people are fond of music, so it would be better option for the company to target this age group. In addition to this, there are different controllable and uncontrollable variables that may affect sales process of the organization. In relation to these countries, the controllable variables are the political stability of these countries. The government in both the countries are politically stable that determines success of the sales process. At the same time, the culture of both countries also supports the success that could be controlled by the business by changing its organizational culture as per the country culture. In addition to this, the economic condition of the country is very flexible that is not good for success of the company. The economic conditions of these countries are not stable that means it can affect sales process of Apple.

At the same time marketing assignment help written that, the existing business culture will also affect success of the sales in chosen country as not much of the companies from these countries are globally successful. The high prices of the product and the highly advanced technology may also affect its sales success that is controllable by the business. As the cultures of both the countries are fun loving, it would be easy for the company to fit its products as per the culture of Russia and Poland. There is nothing like constant changing culture in both the country that is a matter of relief for the organization. At the same time, the company would use pre-sale program as a sales promotion to encourage customers to buy its product. As a part of its promotional tool, it will provide discount to the customers paying in advance for its iTunes or iPods.

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