E-commerce Assignment Help on Apple

E-commerce Assignment Help on Apple and Technological Opportunities   The current products and services of the company are working quite well, but the organization needs to explore the opportunities in new and current market in near future. The organization has the opportunity to develop its iTunes and music player technology into mobile phone format. Further development in iTunes would help the user to manage their tracks effectively.

It will help the organization to popularize their iTunes among the users. At the same time, Apple has the opportunity to explore the market through new technology and strategic alliance with the companies around the world. At the same time e-commerce Assignment Help on Apple experts, Apple also has the opportunity to expand its business in Russia and Poland, where the company is not operating currently. The company can go with its entire operation into these countries. Meanwhile, the company has planned to open its operation in Russia by the end of this year. Similarly, the company is also planning to open its stores in Poland also.

The company has tried to use e-commerce to sell its products in a much effective way. The company wants to provide its customers with great satisfaction, while purchasing through e-commerce but was not able to derive this. The G3 Minitower page used by Apple was not effective to help the customers throughout their way of making a purchase. It not only makes purchase complex but also provides a bad experience to users. Making a purchase through e-commerce decreased the satisfaction level of customers in Apple as they have not experienced such a thing yet as it does not figure out the process of starting the buying process through e-commerce.

The role of technology is very vital in hiring diverse employees around the globe. It not only helps to bring smoothness into the system but also determines effective result with the diversified talent within the organization. Apple has taken the advantage of its highly advanced technology to select diversified employees from all over the world effectively. The use of applicant tracking system helps the organization to track right candidate for the job in a short period of time. Automated screening and ranking system helps to determine a specified number of right candidates for the organization. This has helped the organization in making new hiring contacts.

At the same time, our marketing assignment help experts say that technology helps to bring more transparency into the system of a hiring process that develops faith among suitable candidates from different cultures. As the company itself is a technology-based company, the use of technology in its selection process is not at all surprising. It has allowed the talent to have knowledge regarding the opening in the company to which they can apply accordingly.