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Recently, in this technological period and rapid pace of life, people have become aware for their health and health care amenities. In order to handle the competition, health care organizations are using different advanced technologies to serve best quality services to the patients. This research paper has discussed role of electronic medical record (EMR) system in health organizations including some pros and cons of it.  Use of this system in health practices is more applicable because of having more benefits rather than some drawbacks. In this concern, this health care case study assignment help paper has presented some arguments for and against of this health issue. In addition to this, this assignment help paper has also argued some causes to adopt this system as advanced nursing practice in the health organizations. There are some weak points of EMR system related to security and privacy of the patient data, but they can be counteracted by effective utilization of this system. Further, this paper also mentioned the implications of this system for masters’ prepared nurses that help to develop skillful nursing staff for future perspective. Through use of this tool, nursing professionals are able to serve the patients in effective manner by managing and coordinating all needed data of patient health.

Introduction This research paper help describes the role of electronic medical record as an advanced nursing practice in health industry. It includes the different pros and cons of this health issue with several arguments.  This paper also explains the implications of EMR for masters’ prepared nurses that could be important to understand its role in advanced nursing practices. In last, it summarizes and concludes whole research study regarding this health issue.

Health Issue: Electronic Medical Records (EMR) In any organization, it is very necessary to manage all the records with accuracy and safety for further implications. An electronic medical record (EMR) is a part of a health information system that helps to store, retrieve and modify the medical records in computerized form. EMR system is an advanced technology that manages and shares different information about patients electronically rather than through paper records. It keeps records of discharge/transfer orders, pharmacy orders, radiology and laboratory results and any other data from additional services (Buppert, 2010).

Pros and Cons of the Issue There are different pros and cones of execution of this advanced health practice in health organizations. The arguments in support of and against of this health issue are as follow: Arguments for the Issue: Use of EMR system is very beneficial for the health industry to provide better care for the patients. This system allows the medical physicians to mange clinical experience of patients in effective manner. It is cost effective tool that also saves the time involved in keeping the up-to-date clinical information. Through this system, health organizations can mange appointment scheduling, office visits, labs, health maintenance, referrals, authorization and medications efficiently.

It also eliminates the cost for maintaining the medical records on paper. In this system, different templates and coding features are used that help to coding more accurately. It allows the medical practitioners to provide the quality of care to the patients. With the help of this, medical staff can provide medical test results earlier to the patients without spending money on courier (Williams & Boren, 2008). EMR helps to keep the medical records in unaltered form for a long period of time with great safety and makes available the clinical data at the point of care.

Some specific EMR system helps to monitor clinical events automatically and improves quality of clinical decisions by preventing any adverse impact of medical treatment on patient’s health. It collects and stores patient data and provides this data to providers on request and permits physicians to keep sight on patient care orders. It also supports the providers in decision making related to evidence based clinical research.  The use of EMR is well appreciated medical practice because it facilitates the documentation process that is based on medico-legal concerns and bio-clinical perspectives (Olsen, Aisner & McGinnis, 2007). Arguments against the Issue: The creator and custodian are responsible for keeping the patient records with safety and integrity. The medical provider or facility prepares the medical records. It is very difficult for any authority to keep the medical data with safety for long time. Any manipulation or theft of this data can create medical error and lead to a big danger for the life of patient. Loss of any sensitive information from this system can be used for wrong purpose and generate a bad impact on quality of health care. There is need to develop a trusted electronic system for keeping such type of sensitive and important information about patients in health organization (Hudson, 2011).

Security and privacy of patient data are major concern for the health organizations to use of EMR system. Sometimes, confidential information of the patient is disclosed without his consent through EMR system that prevents patients to confide the needed information in their doctors. It has a negative impact on the good care of the patients. It also increases the burden of data breaches because it is very difficult to follow all the rules and regulations related to protection of patient data electronically (Buppert, 2010). The insufficient security has been proved costly to the healthcare industry due to data breaches. It puts individuals at great risk for medical identity theft, financial theft and embarrassment of exposure of private information. With this, its use is also more costly due to appointing a health technical expert and purchasing new software. In addition, it may be possible that a record can be accessed by an unauthorized person and record can be sent to the wrong recipient.

Without proofreading, the words can be misspelled and create errors in interpretation of clinical note (Petrov, Peeva & Chamova, 2009). Position Chosen In spite of different major concerns like security and privacy regarding the use of EMR system, it is more beneficial for the health enterprises in this digital era. It is because it offers better connectivity between health provider and patient.  It is very useful for health providers to make available good health care to the patients by monitoring their medical history for providing perfect medical treatment. For example, there is possibility of drug interaction in medical treatment due to not having the information about medical history of the patient. Through this system, it is very easy to know the previous medical data of patient and monitor the therapy and avoid adverse effects of drug interaction (Rosales, Farooq, Krishnapuram, Yu & Fung, 2010). It helps to avoid the medication errors in treatment that ensures the quality of care. Apart from this, issues related to security and privacy of the EMR system can be resolved by implementing strict law and regulations associated to the safety and privacy of the patient information within the health organization. An effective software and password system can be used to prevent any fault in this system.

However, it increases the cost involved in recruiting technology expert and buying software, but with this, it is useful for the health company to get suggestions regarding patient health care and reduces overall cost of the company by generating more revenues through customer satisfaction (Park, Murray & Delaney, 2006). Through EMR system, health care organizations and clinical research institutes can develop new drugs or medicines by analyzing the patient data and information. Therefore, it can be stated that use of this advanced technology tool is fruitful for the health organizations to make available better health care facilities for the patients and customers.

Implications for Masters’ Prepared Nurses as Advanced Nursing Practice EMR system can be helpful for masters’ prepared nurses in getting the knowledge about technology and building plan of patient care in a pretend manner. It allows the nursing students to apply skills and knowledge obtained during their educational experience in health care of patients. Through this, the apprentice can develop competencies that help them to mange future requirements.

Its major role is to make them more skilled in computerized documentation while entering in the health profession. Inclusion of this system in nursing practices incorporates informatics into all levels of medical facility (Olsen, Aisner & McGinnis, 2007). Implication of technology like EMR in curriculum content of nursing practices helps to meet the complex needs of patients in the modern healthcare system. With the help of EMR, nurses can develop a pertinent skill that is required for proper documentation and planning of patient care. It plays an important role in providing patient data to nurses at any given location and performing automated verification of drug and allergic reactions and improves their job performance (Zaccagnini & White, 2010). Overall, it is very useful for masters’ prepared nurses to provide better health services to the patients. Implication of this system as advanced nursing practice also favors the position selected that states about its importance in health industry. Nursing staff is a major part of any health organization and it should be skilled to operate advanced technology that could support to fulfill the needs of health care customers.

In future, the environment will be challenging in concern of technology adoption and technology skilled health care professionals. These nursing professionals, who are known to use of this technology will be able to make good relationship with the customers and patients (Carson Company, LLC, 2010). In nursing practices assignment help experts says that, this system helps the nurses to improve customer data bases time to time in order to maintain effective records of patients and communicate special facilities given by health organizations on low cost. After getting the knowledge about EMR system, nursing staff can provide right directions to the patients and maintain medical surveillance for offering effective medical services (Park, Murray & Delaney, 2006). Summary and Conclusion On the above discussion by Australia business assignment help experts  summarized that EMR system plays an important role in order to improve the health care services in health care industry. Use of this technology is very crucial for health organizations to maintain the record of patient data and provide the treatment according to need and condition of patients. Moreover, it can also be concluded that with the help of this system, a skilled and talented nursing staff can be prepared for future implications to improve good communication among nursing staff, physicians and patients.

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