Apple innovation process Assignment Help

Apple innovation process Assignment Help Measurement of Results in Apple Inc

Presently, Apple Inc is testing the qualitative measures for it’s hard to measure competencies. Employee commitment and alignment is one of the measures that are conducted by Apple in every year. In this, the performance of randomly selected employee is measured by using survey questions. This measure displays in both the actual level of employees’ responses as well as the overall trend responses of the company (Apple Press Info, 2008). In addition our Apple case study assignment help experts says that Apple also measures its results by considering the market shares. The value of market share also determines the obvious sales growth benefits to the company likewise retain and attract software developers to Apple platforms. At the same time as per assignment help tutors, shareholder value is also a performance indicator as well as measure of results. This measure is emphasized on the gross margin and sales growth of the company. The shareholder value affects proposed investment for business development and creation. The business of Apple Inc. is organized on the basis of sales, product design and worldwide manufacturing and operations (Apple and the Environment, 2012). Along with this, customer satisfaction is another measurement of the results. The consumers of Apple are satisfied with its products due to use of advanced technology and quality in its products.

Steps for Continuous Improvement in the Company Apple incorporation uses four steps for continuous improvement and control over the business. This process is an iterative four step management method that is PDCA (Plan–Do–Check–Act). Plan is the first step which establishes the essential objectives and processes for delivering results (Middleton, 2012). Its main parts are completeness and accuracy to achieve the targeted improvements. Do is the next step that is helpful to implement the plan and execute the process and to make the products. This step also collects data for charting and analysis of further “Check” and “Act” steps. At the same time, Check is the next step, which is considered by Apple for continuous improvement process. This step studies the actual results that are done in “Do” step and then compared with the expected results. So, it compares between the information of actual and estimated results (Kaleeswaran, 2012). Finally, Act is the last step of continuous improvement process that determines root causes. It also requests to take corrective actions against the differences between actual and expected results. This step determines that where to apply the changes for improvement in the process of products of Apple. References Apple and the Environment. (2012). Frequently Asked Questions. Retrieved from: Apple Press Info. (2008). Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Results. Retrieved from: Kaleeswaran, K. (2012). Mac App Store Preview: PDCA. Retrieved from: Middleton, S. (2012). Brand New You. UK: Hay House, Inc.

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