Innovation Management Assignment Help

Innovation Management Assignment Help Innovation helps the organizations to do different things for the different people. Innovation differentiates the organizational products and services from the competitors and increases the customer base. An increase in customer   base is effective to wealth maximization objective of the firms (Stamm, 2008). But at the same time our business innovation assignment help experts says that , it also increases the cost for the firm due to higher expenses on R&D for bringing innovation.

Creativity facilitates the sharing of the common practices and thinking and reinforcing to each other to direct the organizational efforts towards achieving its goals. Creativity generally deals with the introduction of new ideas and views to improve organizational efficiency, which helps to achieve its goals and objectives (Kotzé, Wong, Jorge, Dix Silva, 2008). At the same time, sharing off common thinking sometimes may create the conflict among different members within the organization, which is not beneficial for the firm. Design is the indicator, which derives the growth and innovation within the organization by translating the creative ideas into products and processes. It is a link between innovation and creativity, which is significant to achieve the organizational goals properly (Stamm, 2008). It is effective to expand the available ideas for achieving organizational goals in an effective manner. Kotzé, P., Wong, W., Jorge, J., Dix, A. Silva, P.A. (2008). Creativity and HCI: From Experience to Design in Education: Selected Contributions from HCIEd 2007, March 29-30, 2007, Aveiro, Portugal. USA: Springer. Stamm, B.V. (2008). Managing Innovation, Design and Creativity (2nd ed.). USA: John Wiley & Sons.

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