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Behavioral Theories: Learning theories are used by the managers to understand why people or employees behave in certain ways and how they learn. Behavior, cognitive, social learning and humanistic theories are the main learning theories. Behavior and cognitive learning theories are used by managers to identify the learning habits of employees. Behavior learning theory refers to that behavior is learned from the environment, individual’s life, group, media, society, etc.


Behavior theories define that learning is nothing more than the acquisition of new behavior. Behavioral learning theories are a part of behaviorism that is a theory of human learning. As our assignment help stated that behavior theories are quite effective to solve a specific work-related performance problem. It is because behavior learning theorists believe that all behaviors are learned and that learning happens as a result of the improvement among individuals. They considered that humans have a hierarchy of needs that play an important role on the behavior of people, which also motivates them to learn something new from each problem and to solve them effectively. This theory could also be applied within the organization to solve a specific work performance related problem. For example, if the management finds the decline in efforts of employees in a particular department of the organization then the management could motivate the employees to work in an effective manner by providing some rewards or incentives (Schultz, 2006).


If a reward follows then the human becomes more probable in the future because reward function motivates him/her to perform or behave well. Through behavior learning theory, manager understands behavior and learning way of the employees and then motivates them, so they can perform well. Through learning theories rewards technique, manager effectively motivates the employees to perform well and solve a specific work-related performance problem looking for Behavioral Theories Assignment Help or business assignment help then contact at We are the most trusted and experienced assignment help writers who can do any business assignment help within the deadline.  We always offers the original assignment help services to our students. We ensure you that your assignment help paper will be well written and free from plagiarism. To know more about our services then contact at or call at 001-877-839-9989