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Company Analysis of PepsiCo:

Company Overview: PepsiCo is selected for the paper to conduct the company analysis. For this, carbonated drink is selected as a product, which needs to be improved. Reason behind selecting this product is related with the need of improvement in such product. In the paper, analysis of the company and related aspects will be presented for improving quality of carbonated drinks of PepsiCo.

Elasticity of Demand and Market Structure: Demand of beverages of PepsiCo fluctuates greatly from one place to another due to change in variables that are responsible for the demand of such products. In this, taste & preferences, quality and cost of the products are considered as variables those are responsible for demand elasticity of the products. In addition to this, as per the changes in the price of the organizational products, elasticity in the demand can be seen as it affects the demand for beverage products.

Quite similar varieties of the products increase the chances of substitutions of the products that are responsible for demand elasticity as it influences customer preferences. Market structure for the firm is oligopoly in which limited firms are offering carbonated drinks to the customers in terms of similar or different products. Biggest rival for the firm is Coca-Cola that offers quite similar products to the customers. The market for the organizational product as a carbonated beverage is favorable if the firm provides products as per the changes in customers’ preferences and in competitors’ products and strategies. According to Porter’s Five Forces model, competition in beverage market is limited as limited firms are running their business in the sector that influences demand and price of the products. It is also found through analyzing the competition that firm has the opportunity to improve quality of the beverage products, so that demand of the products can be enhanced positively.

Data to Determine fixed and Variable Cost: the Fixed cost of the firm is associated with expenses of the firm that do not vary for producing the products or while changing the services for short time. In this, property of PepsiCo, communication tool costs, vehicles cost, taxes, insurance and many more expenses are included. In contrast, the variable cost of the firm changes with a change in the amount of offered services or products. In this, operating expenses, cost of revenue, operational expenses, etc. are countered as variable cost. For example, cost of revenue of the firm in 2011 was 31,593,000.

Economic Analysis Organizational Strategies to increase Revenue: To increase the organizational revenue, the firm takes subjective decisions regarding the uncertainties. As a part of this, critical accounting policies are implemented by the firm that ensures the conjunction with such policies with revenue recognition, goodwill and other intangible assets, income tax expenses & accruals, pension, and retirement plan. Additionally, the investment strategy is also used by the firm to assess the market condition, risks and cash requirements for taking the decision for revenue increases. Overall, strategies and policies help the firm to gain long-term objectives and increasing revenue.

Economic Theory: Game theory of economics is followed by the firm in which appropriate economic decisions are taken by the firm for profit maximization. As a part of this theory, the firm applies mixed strategies to generate more revenue by providing products as per the customer needs and wants. This economic theory also aligns with the market structure of the firm that helps to increase the profitability of the company. Oligopoly structure and related actions help the firm to maximize the profits through using concentration ratio. Through determining the production cost, price, marginal cost, entry barriers and many more as a part of the oligopoly, profit maximization quantity can be determined.

Marginal Cost and Marginal Revenue: Concept of marginal cost and marginal revenue could be used to determine the effects of the producing one more unit in the production system. Through determining the production equilibrium, where both concepts are equal could be used for profit maximization as it supports to the production efficiency. To determine this, total cost is required that will include variable and fixed cost to produce and provide organizational beverage products to the customers. Without this information, decision would be taken on the basis of sales and demand of the organizational product in the competitive marketplace as it will help the firm to take decision-related to the production and assessment of the profitability level.

Pricing Strategy: As per business assignment help experts, Price flexibility is the main part of the organizational pricing strategy. PepsiCo follows low pricing strategy to provide its beverage products to the customers. At the same time, non-pricing strategy is also used by the firm to distinguish its carbonated beverages from its competitor. In this, quality, quantity and flavor of the beverages are countered as important variables.

Entry Barriers and Cost Reduction:   There are various factors available to those work as a barrier to producing carbonated drinks. In this, requirement of the quality and reliable technology to produce such products are countered as barriers those prohibit firms to produce carbonated products as customers do not want to purchase such products from any firm due to health concern. Additionally, high cost is also required for producing a product that also works as barrier for producing such products. The packaging of the beverage products also works as barrier as it is an expensive task of the production and operations that influence decision of the firm to produce carbonated drinks. Although there are enough barriers to entry in the market to produce such products, some barriers such as brand image and quality related concerns can be used as barriers. By reducing input cost, product cost can be reduced. Complement cost can be reduced by the firm to reduce the input cost in which transportation cost, packaging cost and distribution cost are included. Through adopting these, the firm can reduce the cost of the product that will be beneficial in terms of reducing price of the products and increase the profitability of it.

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