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Quality Management Assignment Help: Quality management is a philosophy for organizational change and continuous improvement. It has three fundamentals

such as focus on the customer, long-term commitment and top management support and continuous analysis of work processes and attention to the way work gets done.

In this assignment help, two organizations of the USA are selected Quality Management International, Inc (QMII) and California Environmental protection agency that provide quality management programs at national and local level. Along with this our total quality management program assignment help experts says that, it will be explained that how these organizations can help the companies to improve the quality management. Additionally, effect of participation in these organizations on the quality performance of an organization will be evaluated.

Quality Management International Inc: It is one of the original management systems consulting firms in America and Europe. It is founded in1986 and since then, it served for organizations that belong to different industries such as manufacturing, transportation, engineering, aerospace, chemical processing, professional services, food, medical device, construction, government, education and others (Quality Management International, Inc.). It provides training, auditing, and consulting services to empower commercial and governmental organizations to the continual improvement in their management systems. It helps to upgrade the business management systems, redesign processes and improve teamwork of other organizations with the help of unique systems approach.

California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA): It is a state cabinet-level agency and composed of six departments, boards and offices responsible for environmental research, administering and regulating the environmental protection programs at the state level (Cal/EPA). It has been actively involved in quality improvement implementation program. In addition to this, it has to develop a model quality management program for local agencies to implement air quality, water quality, toxic, solid waste and hazardous waste laws and regulations in the organizations.

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