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Big 5  Personality Traits Assignment Help Following are big 5 traits of personality explained by our business case study assignment help experts: Extraversion:

Extraversion score is low then the personality of individual is reserved, aloof and retiring. If this score is

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high, the individuals are fun loving, sociable and talkative. So, if people are high in this score, it might help to win the confidence of customers for business deals that is good for their performance scores during performance appraisals.


Neuroticism: If the score is low of this trait, the individuals are self satisfied, secure and calm. If this score is high, the individuals are insecure, nervous and worrying. For example, people with low score might help the individuals to attain the career goals effectively.


Agreeableness: If the score of this trait is low, the individuals are uncooperative, ruthless and suspicious. If the score is high, the individuals are helpful, trusting and soft hearted. People with high score of agreeableness might attain cooperation of their subordinates in achieving performance goals due to their goodwill in the organization.


Conscientiousness: Individuals with low score of this trait are unreliable, careless and lazy. In contrast, individuals with high score are reliable, hard working and organized. So, high score individuals might help them to improve their performance through their hard work. For example, an individual with high score can complete his work within or before the deadline limit that further can help him to attain promotion and rewards from the management.


Openness: Individuals with low score of this trait are down to earth and conventional. In contrast to this, with high score of this personality trait, individuals are imaginative, cooperative and non-conformist. This trait if high in score might help individuals by developing creative solutions for them that further can make them productive for the organizational performance. These kinds of individuals are also profitable for the organization, as they are ready to accept challenging work that is good for their career escalation. How to get assignment help services with Our business assignment help experts have fifteen years experience of providing assignment help to US,UK and Australian students. You will also get free plagiarism report so that you can check our quality assignment help services.