Branding and Creativity for Mood Board Assignment Help

Branding and Creativity for Mood Board Assignment Help Introduction

In the current competitive marketplace, branding and creativity has become an important part of the organizational sustainability and growth. It is because creativity brings new and attractive features and colors in the organizational products that attract the customers. Similarly, branding creates image or value of the organizational products among the customers (Alliance, 2010). For this assignment help paper, Motorola Company is selected for creating branding and creativity in its products. So, there will be discussion about the elements of the product and mood board along with defining the contribution of each element in creating brand in the marketplace.

Creation of Mood Board To convey and visualize the brand identity, mood board or inspirational board will be appointed, so that it would be easy to rebrand the position of the organizational products (Motorola Solutions Partner Empower Brand Usage Guidelines, 2012). In the mood board, different elements will be included such as documents, collection of color swatches, magazines, photos, logos, videos, and many more sources that can draw or evoke the certain or desired feelings for the finished goods (Plunkett Research Ltd & Plunkett, 2008). These would be required to design and present the changes in the products. This board will prepare and finalize the broacher of the organizational products along with marketing the products among the customers (Alliance, 2010). The board will be also responsible for designing the features that can be used to provide information to the customers. Additionally, effective and creative advertisement will be also designed by the board to communicate effectively with customers for organizational products, so that customer base can be enhanced (Andres, Fishel & Knapp, 2004). Following are the elements that will be recreated and innovated in Motorola to increase positive image of its products among the customers: Logo: Logo of the firm plays a crucial role in attracting and increasing the customer base as these created a position or image of the product in the mind of customers (Plunkett Research Ltd & Plunkett, 2008). So, logo of the Motorola Company will be changed and some attractive features will be included. While designing the logo for the firm, values and mission of the organization will be remembered. It is because reflection of the mission and values of the firm will strengthen to the organizational image into the mind of customers (Alliance, 2010). The mood board will be asked to design the attractive and different logo of the firm that would be enough to attract the attention of the customers. Following is the logo of the firm that it is using currently to create brand identity among the customers: (Source: About Motorola, 2012). Color Palettes: Color palettes will be also used to create brand identity of the organizational product in the competitive marketplace. It is because each color has different feel and various associations that attract and distract the customers. Most of the members of mood board believe that most of the customers took decision based on color and external features of the mobile phones (Andres, Fishel & Knapp, 2004). So, for providing cell phones to the customers, different and attractive colors will be used in which colors that are more demanded by the customers will be preferred to provide products to the customers (Motorola Solutions Partner Empower Brand Usage Guidelines, 2012). Following are different colors and models will be provided to the customers to attract and to create brand identity of the organizational products: (Source: About Motorola, 2012). Product Packaging: Product packaging will be another element to create brand identity of the firm in the competitive marketplace. It is because physical appearance of the products is one of the important parts that are responsible for increasing or decreasing sales of the organizational product among the customers (Edson, 2012). Packaging of the product gives a message about the image of the products among the customers. So, it will be focused and used as a tool to create brand image of the firm in the global market (Wheeler, 2012). Products or mobile phones of Motorola Company will be packed into attractive and effective packets that will include the short description about the organizational product (Alliance, 2010). In this concern, plastic packets will be used to packing the mobile phones of Motorola that will be beneficial for the firm (Karch, 2011). It is because attractive and colored plastic packets will work as unique identity for the firm that is not provided by other competitors. Additionally, from the transportation point of view, it would be also beneficial as it would protect the mobile phones from any harm or loss (Andres, Fishel & Knapp, 2004). Material selection will be safe that would also reduce negative environmental impact over the mobile phones. Overall, packaging aspect will be attractive to create brand identity of Motorola among the customers. It is because to differentiate the organizational products from the competitors, it is important aspect (Wheeler, 2012). (Source: Google Image, 2012). Slogan or Tagline: Slogan or tagline will be also used to create brand identity among the customers as this is one of the important factors that link to the customers with the organizational product. It is because it directly targets the target groups. In this, different and effective slogan that can be understood easily by the customers will be formed as it would be enough to acquire the customers (Plunkett Research Ltd & Plunkett, 2008). It is because slogan or tagline of the firm drives to the combination of brand promise, brand position and brand personality that is an important part of the organizational growth and customer base (Karch, 2011). So for creating the brand identity of mobile phones of Motorola following tagline and slogan will be followed: “Enjoy better technology everywhere” and “Say Moto” (About Motorola, 2012).

Elements of Mood Board Elements of mood board will be projector, documents, magazines, photos, samples, logos, etc. These will help the members of mood board to take appropriate decisions to create brand identity of Motorola in the competitive marketplace in concern of the competitors brand (Edson, 2012). Additionally, these elements will increase innovation and creativity among the members to include different and innovative features in organizational product (Karch, 2011).

Conclusion On the basis of above discussion by business help experts, it can be inferred that various elements such as color, tagline, packaging, etc. are countered as important elements those create brand identity of the firm in the marketplace. It is because these are directly linked with the customers and have position in the mind of customers. These discussed elements will help the firm to recreate brand identity in the competitive marketplace.   References About Motorola. (2012). Retrieved from Alliance, L. D. (2010). Luxe Lighting: A Portfolio. USA: Visual Reference Publications. Andres, C., Fishel, C. M & Knapp, P. M. (2004). Identity Design Sourcebook: Successful Ids Deconstructed and Revealed. USA: Rockport Publishers. Edson, J. (2012). Design Like Apple: Seven Principles For Creating Insanely Great Products, Services, and Experiences. USA: John Wiley & Sons. Google Image. (2012). Retrieved from Karch, M. (2011). Android Tablets Made Simple: For Motorola XOOM, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus, Toshiba and Other Tablets. USA: Apress. Motorola Solutions Partner Empower Brand Usage Guidelines. (2012). Retrieved from Plunkett Research Ltd,  & Plunkett, J. W. (2008). Plunkett’s Advertising & Branding Industry Almanac 2008: Advertising & Branding Industry. USA: Plunkett Research, Ltd. Wheeler, A. (2012). Designing Brand Identity: An Essential Guide for the Whole Branding Team. USA: John Wiley & Sons.