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Corporate Social Responsibility  Assignment Help Report on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Performance

A company should report on its social responsibility performance in order to deliver its approach of managing CSR issues. Preparation of this report will help the company in avoiding different legal consequences that can be found due to absence of CSR practices. It is because by preparing this report, company can show its practices of managing business ethics, corporate governance and other CSR issues (Duckworth & Moore, 2010). Companies should also prepare this report in order to build a good corporate image in the international market. Concurrently our CSR case study assignment help experts write that, company can also use this report for building long-term relationship with its customers as well as its suppliers (Mallin, 2009).


Findings on Cisco’s CSR Report Recently, Cisco presented its CSR report for the year 2011. This report contains the company’s approach, objective and performance on CSR issues mainly in five areas including Governance and Ethics, Value Chain, Cisco People, Society, and Environment. It is identified from the report that Cisco products and solutions help the company and customers to reduce energy consumption as well as save money. Further, it helps in enhancing environmental sustainability. CSR report suggested that the company designed corporate governance policies in order to foster ethical conduct. It also helps the company to comply with regulatory requirements and applicable laws for publicly listed companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Report, 2011). A CSR business process is followed by the company that is helpful to set goals, implement policies and monitor and report on performance (see figure 1).   Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment Help Figure 1: Cisco’s CSR Business process (Source: Corporate Social Responsibility Report, 2011). Cisco also believes in ethical business conduct. From the report, it is found out that the company is using a code of business conduct in order to define Cisco’s expectations for its employees’ ethical behavior. In addition, the company uses a holistic approach for managing CSR in its value chain. It also works closely with suppliers in order to maintain high standards for ethics, labor rights, health and safety and the environment (Corporate Social Responsibility Report, 2011). Cisco also provides safe and healthy work environment, an open and diverse culture, employee opportunities and rewards to its employees. Thus, in this report the company summarizes all its efforts that it performed under its CSR policy.


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