Business Analysis Assignment Help: Internal Competitors

Business Analysis Assignment Help Internal Competitors

SBU and Internal Competitors The three competing SBU of P&G (Proctor & Gamble) are beauty, health and well-being, and household care. All these units are made of specific segments. The beauty SBU is made up of two sub segments that are beauty and grooming. Health and well being is made up of two segments health care and Snacks & Pet Care, whereas household care includes Fabric Care and Home Care and Baby Care and Family Care (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2008).

The products served in each of the SBU compete with each other to attain more profits and increase their sales revenues. The product selected here in comparison and Business Development Assignment Help to internal competitors is PENTENE from beauty sub segment of beauty SBU. In comparison to other products served by other units, the product has attained immense popularity among females as it serves them with intense hair care. In comparison to other beauty, health, and household care products, the PENTENE shampoo has attained popularity (Ireland, Hoskisson & Hitt, 2011). PENTENE is offered in different variants as per the needs of its customers in comparison to other internal competitors and is enriched with the goodness of pro-vitamins and three vital amino. It helps in restoring hair and makes hair ten times stronger.

It has loyal customer base and dominant in hair care market. On the other hand, it also has some weaknesses’ like it makes use of different package throughout the world and confuses its customers by offering too many collections and has messy product line (Ireland, Hoskisson & Hitt, 2011). In contrast to its weaknesses, the product has several opportunities such as concern regarding beauty and health is increasing and consumers are willing pay more for natural products. The company can launch new natural shampoo product line but it need to be careful as competitors are various in hair care market. The beauty salons and their products are growing speedily. In comparison to its internal competitors who are at maturity stage, PENTENE shampoo is in growth stage as its use is been increasing by focussing on several variants as per consumers needs and preferences of hair care (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2008).

You can avail any time business Case study Analysis Assignment Help from our experienced team of US,UK and Australia.   References Ireland, R.D., Hoskisson, R.E. & Hitt, M.A. (2011). Understanding Business Strategy Concepts Plus: Concepts and Cases (3rd ed). USA: Cengage Learning. Lamb, C.W., Hair, J. F. & McDaniel, C.D. (2008). Essentials of Marketing (6th ed.). USA: Cengage Learning.