Celebrities in Marketing Campaigns Assignment Help

Celebrities in Marketing Campaigns Assignment Help

Introduction Marketing is an essential part of a product’s success in market. Its place in people’s and product’s life becomes more crucial with

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the timeframe. Nowadays, marketing department of any organization devoted its most of the time towards choosing best promotional strategies to introduce product in the market. In such a competitive era, every product/service come-up with some innovative and new ideas to attract more customers (Dahlen, Lange & Smith, 2010). In this marketing celebrity assignment help paper, the pros and cons of celebrity marketing will be discussed. This discussion is based on Brad Pitt’s contribution in advertisement of Chanel No. 5 fragrance product.

Celebrities in Marketing Earlier, celebrity only can be seen in movies to entertain people but now their role has changed drastically. Now, most of the organizations are appointing celebrities to promote and endorse their product. The reason behind such change is the craziness of people towards celebrities and consciousness towards choosing a product. So, the use of celebrities takes sales of product at another level as per the favoritism towards particular celebrity (Swinton, 2002). Also, performance of a product in market gets affected, when a celebrity is famous rather than others. But, this is not the end; involvement of celebrity can get higher the scale of product then can push the market value at lower.

Pros of Using Celebrity in Marketing Campaigns Advantages of using celebrity into marketing campaigns can be generated if they promote product and services, as they are using in their life as well. To fulfill some following aims, markers may use celebrities to endorse their products: Influence Consumer Buying Behavior: There is a behavior in customer that generates them towards the purchase of a product. In terms of celebrity endorsement, they think that if a product is good enough for their favorite person, then it will be good for them as well. In-spite of this, some of them only purchase a product because their favorite celebrity is in the advertisement of that product.

Such type of behavior influences marketers to take celebrities into account and attract more customers (Bosiljevac, 2011). A recent advertisement of Chanel No. 5 fragrance, added a men for women segment; Brad Pitt to attract women more interestingly (Ginsberg, 2012). Through this advertisement, marketers do not only attract women towards fragrance but deliver a message to men as well. Brand Awareness: The motive to add celebrities in promotional strategy is to aware people regarding brand and product in short period. Reaction of people after seeing their favorite start in advertisement is quite obvious, they started thinking and talking about the product. It quickly generates an image into customers’ mind and then starts relating the product with that particular celebrity (Kaser & Oelkers, 2007). The advertisement of Chanel No. 5 fragrance co-relates many people as Brad Pitt is endorsing this brand. Before this addition of Bred Pitt, the fragrance related to women as Nicole Kidman was promoting it.

But, Pitt aware and serve a new image to make women and guys more comfortable with the use of fragrance (Britney, 2012). Position a Brand: Brand positioning is a strategy through which, one organization put a product at place of the customers mind. The use of celebrities also helps company’s product to position their brand effectively in the market (Rojek, 2001). As the Chanel No. 5 fragrance was focusing over women only but after the addition of man in advertisement, it raised the possibilities to increase in the bar of sales. To attain such aim to effective positioning of brand aging into market need another eye catching person and that would be Bred Pitt. With such strategy of positioning, the product becomes quickly popular. The black-and-white advertisement is debuted Oct 2012, and spread like viral with 4.64 million views on You Tube (Britney, 2012). Develop Public Relation: Public relation is another strategy of promotional aspect which refers to the relation of particular product or brand with customers. The celebrity marketing strategy helps organizations to develop good relation with customers and end users (Boone & Kurtz, 2011). In terms of this commercial of Chanel No. 5 fragrance, the product develops public relation by endorsing the two segments with one, man. Previously, it endorsed by Nicole Kidman and now Pitt has derived new connection with new target customers (Ginsberg, 2012).

Cons of Using Celebrities in Marketing Campaign In-spite of good points, celebrity endorsement can go wrong sometimes and affect related company and product directly. So, a company should familiar with such disadvantages of taking celebrities into account: Change in Image: Use of celebrity in promotional strategy of any product develops a relationship between that person and customers. Due to this, people perceive image of brand with celebrity’s image; if celebrity is working good in his/her area then the brand also has good quality products. One mistake of celebrity can damage the image of brand which, he/she endorse (Goldman, 2011). Similarly, the image of Chanel No. 5 fragrance has been damaged somewhere when, Pitt has denied to know much about fragrances to a reporter (Faithfull, 2012).

Overexposing: Overexpose appears, when a celebrity endorses many brand at one time and that may blur the image of particular brand vastly. This generates celebrity’s money making image only. Also, such activities create problems to celebrities as well, decrement in credibility (Kardes, Cronley & Cline, 2010). Brad Pitt is also the victim of overexposing; he has endorsed Virgin Mobile Australia, Heineken, SoftBank and Edwin Jeans and recent Cadillac. So, the image of Chanel No. 5 fragrance suffers because people think that Pitt only endorses of some bucks (Lacey, 2012). . Overshadowing: Endorsement of several brands in particular time period by one celebrity creates another negative aspect for using celebrities in marketing campaign. It results confusion in customers’ mind retarding celebrity. They do not co-relate one celebrity with so many products. It is because, people more concentrate over celebrity then product and when a celebrity does many endorsements, customers get confused and cannot identify a product (Solomon, Cornell & Nizan) Due to this, brand ruins its value and image in market. Similarly, Chanel No. 5 fragrance has faced many comments like that what product Pitt is using in the brand, what is the name of that perfume in this brand. Such comments serves somewhere negative image of brand in the market Billy (Faithfull, 2012).

Cost Comprising: First of all, a company has to compromise with a spending of huge amount for hiring a good celebrity. Secondly, if a celebrity cannot works with products values than company has to bear a big loss in image and cost. Thirdly, unethical actions of celebrity even after the endorsement can affect brand negatively (Varley, 2006). Due to all the cost compromising elements, use of celebrities does not work properly. In terms of Chanel No. 5 fragrance advertisement, the brand also suffered with negative comments due to poor performance of Pitt after such a long time come back even after good cost of $7 million (Lacey, 2012). Conclusion From the above discussion by marketing case study assignment help experts concluded that use of celebrity into marketing campaign may not be perfect but even not a bad idea. It only needs deep analysis of market needs, suitability of selected celebrity with product values, and celebrity’s determination to secure the brand with all controversies.

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