Business Assignment Help on Conflict Contributing Factors

Business Assignment Help on Contributing Factors to Conflict

Conflict at Workplace Conflict can be referred to a situation in which, people just don’t get along with each other ideas and thoughts. In other words, conflict arises when, one oppose other’s opinion or orders. In terms of organization, occurrence of conflict is very ordinary because, one organization is established with the efforts of many people. So our conflict case study assignment help experts says that, disagreement in thought of people towards any of work is quite common (Collins & O’Rourke, 2008). Decrease in employees’ moral, increase in absenteeism and decrease in productivity happens due to workplace conflict.


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Conflict causes can be categorized into two forms:


Structural Factor: Organizational structure has several layers such as top level, middle level, and lower level. All the level consist many people and different type of roles and responsibilities as well. Many time employees show their disagreement towards any task or plan due to feeling of insecurity from other employees’ power, position in business homework help, rewards, etc.


This occurs because of some such essential factors of organization like size, turnover rate, reward system, interdependence, goal differences, and jurisdictional ambiguities (Scott, 2009). Jurisdictional ambiguities arise, when people cannot understand their responsibility due to unclearness. The mitigation of such conflict can be possible with the assessment of effective structure which, not only focus on employees priority but aware to their emerging needs and expectations from organization (Johnson & Keddy, 2010). Due to this, communication between all levels may facilitate open, transparent and clear structure of organization.


Personal Factors: Every organization consist several type of people for attaining goals and objectives. Inclusion of different nature, culture, region of people arise conflict at workplace vastly. Difference between perception, skills, values and ethics drive arguments among employees. Many times, subordinates do not follow orders of supervisor because of dissatisfaction with the behavior of supervisor.Lack of communication is another and strong causes of conflict as increase the level of frustration among employees. An organization can resolve this type of conflict with the assessment of effective leadership, so that conflict between subordinates and supervisor can be mitigated. Removal of communication barriers among all level of employees can be another helping aspect to diminish conflict from workplace.


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