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Performance appraisal process in an organization is a critical activity as it is directly associated with the morale and performance


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of the employees towards organizational objectives. As per performance appraisal case study assignment help tutor, An effective performance appraisal system helps the management to identify the needs and wants of the employees and fulfil them timely, which causes an increase in their satisfaction and consequently in their performance for achieving the organizational goals (Silva, 2012).


At the same time, an effective appraisal system facilitates improvement in the accuracy of employees’ performance and it is also beneficial for organizations to establish a relationship between the work and reward, which motivates the employees and reduce the conflicts within the organization (Ishaq, Iqbal & Zaheer, 2009). If the performance appraisal system does not define the goals and objectives clearly then it may affect the effectiveness of HR department to motivate the employees and to improve their performance. There are several organizations, which defines clear goals and objectives in their performance appraisal system, which motivates the employees to achieve those goals and to get rewards (Grote, 2005). For example, GE has the ranking system for performance appraisal of the employees in which employees are divided in three categories namely top 20, Vital 70 and Bottom 10.


This process makes the clear goals about the employees’ performance and their ranking accordingly. It helps the employees to determine their target clearly and achieve rewards accordingly, which increases performance of them and organization both (Silva, 2012). An ineffective and lousy appraisal process may affect the goals and objectives of the organization negatively to motivate the employees. Instead of this, it is better not to give any type of performance appraisal to employees. It is because a lousy appraisal process would unable the management to determine the performance of employees effectively and to give him justified appraisal. It may cause a decline in the performance and morale of the employee that is not beneficial for the firm. An unsatisfied employee may create conflict within the organization, which will reduce the significance of the firm to use the available limited resources optimally. The performance appraisal process is to evaluate the performance of employees during a particular time period and an ineffective process fails to do so (Toppo & Prusty, 2012).


It affects the ability of management to provide appropriate appraisal to employees, which may cause a decline in employee productivity, satisfaction and may also cause a reason for increase in employee turnover. At the same time our performance appraisal case study assignment help experts said that , this type of appraisal system also affects the customer services of the firm as employees have less interest to increase their performance due to mismatch between performance and rewards (Grote, 2005). If the appraisal is not given to them then employees can determine the fair treatment as all employees will be at same level, which will reduce the conflicts and issues among them. At the same time, an ineffective performance appraisal process shows the in-effectiveness of the policy makers, which may create issue for organizational suitability (Broderick & Mavor, 1991).   References Broderick, R.F. & Mavor, A.S. (1991). Pay for Performance: Evaluating Performance Appraisal and Merit Pay. USA: National Academies Press. Grote, R.C. (2005). Forced Ranking: Making Performance Management Work. USA: Harvard Business Press. Ishaq, H.M., Iqbal, M.Z. & Zaheer, A. (2009). Effectiveness of Performance Appraisal: Its Outcomes and Detriments in Pakistani Organizations. European Journal of Social Sciences, 10 (3). 479-485. Silva, H.D. (2012). High performance management: Aspiring to be Toyota or General Electric. Business times. Retrieved from: Toppo, L. & Prusty, T. (2012). From Performance Appraisal to Performance Management. IOSR Journal of Business and Management, 3 (5). 1-6.


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