Persuasion Marketing Case Study Assignment Help

Persuasion Marketing Case Study Assignment Help Five Levels of Persuasion

The persuasion is a universal of advertising or marketing field that refers as an influence of information and image. There are five levels of persuasion in the marketing field that is useful to advertise a product in the market. Unawareness, awareness, comprehension, conviction and action are some main stages of persuasion in marketing (Martin, 2010). For this Persuasion marketing case study assignment help paper, a tablet computer is selected that would like to sell in the market by using five stages of persuasion. Each stage of persuasion with respect to selling of a tablet computer is discussed below-


Unawareness: At the introduction, the people are first unaware about all features, applications and advantages of a tablet computer. It is a kind of mobile computer that is lighter than laptops and having touch screen or pen-enabled interface (Dillard & Pfau, 2002).


Awareness: company would use different promotional tools like online advertising, ads in newspapers, television and magazines as well as social media to provide detail information about features and applications of tablet computer in order to create awareness of people about new product (O’Shaugnessy & O’Shaugnessy, 2003).


Comprehension: With repeated exposure, the people would see and recognize the messages of ads and comprehend the value of the offering. For this, the company would generate needs among the customers by repeating advertisement again and again (Martin, 2010).


Conviction: Along with this, the company would also use its own outlets and other retail stores including offline and online both to provide additional information about warranty and discount offers with purchasing of a tablet computer for developing confidence in people.


Action: To accomplish this stage, the company would ensure the availability of tablet computer at their own outlets and other telecom retail outlets or mobile stores, so people can buy this product with convenience (O’Shaugnessy & O’Shaugnessy, 2003). All these five levels of persuasion would be helpful for the company to market the new model of tablet computer among the customers by implementing each stage in systematic manner.


Way to Use Five Levels of Persuasion According to the business marketing assignment help experts, The company would like to combine all of these statements into a single release in order to create strong image of new tablet computer among the customers. In order to accomplish this purpose, the company would make repetition of the message or ads on regular basis by using different promotional tools to develop comprehension and conviction in people for buying tablet computer. The combined use of each level of persuasion would affect the market quickly in terms of increase in sales of tablet computer (Martin, 2010). It is because the combined use of repetitive exposure or advertising with different promotional tools and retail outlets would be helpful to generate needs among customers regarding purchasing of tablet (Dillard & Pfau, 2002). For example, Apple uses all five levels of persuasion into a single release to promote its iPhone products all over the world through repetition of ads and ensure availability of products timely.   References Dillard, J.P & Pfau, M. (2002) The Persuasion Handbook: Developments in Theory and Practice. UK: SAGE. Martin, R.A. (2010) The Psychology of Humor: An Integrative Approach. USA: Academic Press. O’Shaugnessy, J & O’Shaugnessy, N. (2003)Persuasion in Advertising. UK: Routledge. You can avail any time business assignment help and case study assignment help services of all subjects. From our experts you will get complete and original assignment help with minimum prices. You can call us or e-mail us your assignment to us for free quote.