Public Relation Practice Assignment Help

Public Relation Practice Assignment Help

Public relation is an approach of communication through which relation of one person to another can be identified (James, 2006). Such public relations need some thinking ways to take into account.


Model of Public Relation: The area of public relation is quite wider and need some guidelines for proper understanding. The four models of public relation by Grunig & Hunt can be a helpful aspect in relation to access public relation. In 1984, Grunig & Hunt recommend a four models of public relation that have three pillars namely; communication, research and ethics (Heath, 2005). As per public relation case study assignment help experts these four models are : Press agentry model: In this model the one-way communication is used by organization.


It flows in the manner from organization to public. This model generally used by press agents, who only concentrates on publicity not on researched truth, in relation to this model, accuracy and credibility are not the necessary element to develop public relation (Duhé, 2007). Also, press agents use such modal with persuasion and manipulation to influence audience’s behavior. Practitioners uses this method for one way communication in which, they only emphasis over selling of product/service without any qualitative analysis of result (Pieczka, 2006). Product promotion and sponsorship for theater are another example of this model. Public information model: This model also belongs to one-way communication but it is not same as press agentry model. Its aim is to focus over information not on press or publicity only.


So, for this model truth takes important place, so the research or analysis aspect can be taking into the account. In present scenario, this model is used by government, educational institutions, non-profit organization and some corporations (Plessis, 2001). Press releases, brochures, even static web content are some of the tools that are used in relation to this modal. The two-way asymmetrical model: This model is more concentrated over research & analysis aspect. The two-way communication is used for making relation with public in this model. Mainly, the center of attention for this model is to set into the psychology of audience, so that they can collect effective or favorable reactions. Feedback is the main focus area of this model. In today’s competitive world, most of the organizations use this model to go through form competition successfully (Butterick, 2011). Several advertisers use this method to communicate with public and analyze the product/service in market. The two-way symmetrical model: This is the concept trough which organization and public adjust to each other. This is the most ethical method among all as per the total research focused nature. It develops and change organizational practices on the basis of audience feedback. Generally, organization uses such communicate to negotiate with public, resolve conflict and develop understanding & respect between public and organization (McKie & Munshi, 2007). Regulated business agencies use this model for the development and successful execution a plan among market. From the above models discussed by our case study assignment help experts, two-way symmetrical model is quite useful to spend time and energy as internal & external public both.


It is because; through this model an organization can execute its plan successfully and public can experience good service/product.   References Butterick, K. (2011). Introducing Public Relations: Theory and Practice. SAGE. Duhé, S.C. (2007). New Media and Public Relations. Peter Lang. Heath, R.L. (2005). Encyclopedia of Public Relations. SAGE. James, M. (2006). Public Relations. Career FAQs. McKie, D. & Munshi, D. (2007). Advances in Management and Business Studies. Routledge. Pieczka, M. (2006). Public Relations: Critical Debates and Contemporary Practice. Routledge. Plessis, D.F.D. (2001). Introduction to Public Relations and Advertising. Juta and Company Ltd. Reconfiguring Public Relations: Ecology, Equity, and Enterprise. Get 24X7 assignment help services of all subjects. From our experts you will get complete and original assignment help with minimum prices. You can call us or e-mail us your assignment to us for free quote.