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Business Assignment Help On Corporate Culture  Role of Corporate Culture in Banking Industry

Corporate culture can be treated as a set of values and decision that represent the manner in which employees have to perform their activities within the organization. Further, organization can be able to make decision about the appropriate behavior. Corporate culture also play important role in the banking industry. As per corporate culture case study help experts, with the help of corporate culture, banks can be able to measure the variations in bank profitability and shareholder value.


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It is analyzed that bank performance is directly linked with the corporate culture. With the help of positive corporate culture, banking industry can be able to overcome the frauds like Enron. For example, Goldman Sachs is the bank, which has included fourteen core management values including customer focus and one bank orientation in its bank. Sustaining these values in the cut throat competition market helped Goldman in making its sound reputation in the market by using Business Assignment Assistance. Thus, it is analyzed that corporate culture has played important role in the banking industry of US (Accountancy Ireland, 2004).


Positive attitude towards the clients is helpful in making development in the banking industry. Frauds made by different companies such as Enron and WorldCom have generated awareness among banks to follow ethical principles. Further, US banking industry scenario has also started focusing towards the corporate culture. Goldman Sachs believes that culture of the company depict its value in the market environment. Therefore, it is necessary to build corporate culture, which in turn helpful in measuring the positive and negative behavior within the banks. It is analyzed that, efficiency of corporate culture majorly depends on the type of leadership. In case of banking industry, corporate culture provides strategies to employees about the manner of behaving with the clients. Thus, it is analyzed that corporate culture plays an important role in banking industry of US (Munich Personal RePec Archive, 2006).


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