Google strategy to enter into China’s Assignment Help

Googles strategy to enter into China’s Assignment Help Perceived Strengths and Weaknesses of Google

Google incorporation is a very large organization with a global presence. It provides various types of information to its consumers that want to get any type information. China has strictly censors policies to obtain the information from Google search engine. It is restricted to use the information from Google search engine in the international trade laws of China (Patni & Joseph, 2010). Our  Google case study assignment help experts says that there are some strengths and weaknesses found on the basis of Google probably believed prior to making the decision to move into the market of China. First, the search engine is more powerful that is able to provide information to end users in the host countries. Core values of Google also increase the effectiveness of international business its strategies. At the same time, high global presence is strength of Google that increase its confidence to work with the strict internet censorship policies of host countries. Google can also reduce its cost by economies of scale that also motivates to move into the Chinese market with its powerful search engine (Wild, Weinstein, MacEwan & Geach, 2011). Google also have strong and famous brand name in all over the world that attracts more consumers. The strong and famous brand name is helpful to increase the business of the organization. Finally, Google search engine also have very east location on the internet so that end user have less difficulties to operate and find the information that they required. On the other hand, there are some weaknesses of Google that may create problems for it to enter into the Chinese market. Google search engine and its business depend on the software and operating system of Microsoft. Thus, Google cannot control over its platform that can be innovated by its competitors such as yahoo, etc (Hamilton & Zhang, 2011). Along with this, Microsoft plays a significant role in increasing its considerable wealth and market position on proprietary software. Google is tied to an open end-to-end architecture with the internet and its operating system that affects operations to use in Chinese market.


Opportunities and Threats for Decision to Move into China Apart from this, Google incorporation has some opportunities in Chinese market that will help to expand its business in its market. China is one of main countries that have internet censor policies, so it is an opportunity for Google to move into this market. It is a new approach for China, so it has various end users that can use Google search engine (ICMR-IBS Center for Management Research, 2010). It can expand its business in the China market, because this market has innovative and advanced technology for electronic and digital products. In this market, it can obtain a long range of consumers to offer its services. On the other hand, it also considers some threats to the decision of entering into these markets. The emerging services may create some competitive threats for Google such as real time search applications like Twitter. In addition, Face Book is also an unfamiliar sight for Google, so it has launched Google Buzz to counteract growth of Face Book (Hamilton & Zhang, 2011). The Google Buzz has some dangerous limitations that decrease the faith of the end-users of Google. Apart from this, Baidu and Microsoft are the rivals for Google, because they started to provide web services in English. The decision to enter into Chinese market was really worth their while for business expansion of Google. It can make stronger relationship with the end users by providing all the information that is essential for them. The corporate motto of Google is “don’t be evil” that can also be made into China (Wild, Weinstein, MacEwan & Geach, 2011). Google did underestimate the threats from the Chinese market, so it had to face with general cyber threats and internet censorship claims Sergey Brin (Molloy, 2012).


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