Business Assignment Help On Product and Type of Customer

Business Assignment Help On Product and Type of Customer

Pepsi is one of the largest food and beverage companies that provide various products in order to fulfill the needs and demands of customers. Fo this business case study assignment help Tropicana is selected.  Tropicana is the

product offered by Pepsi, which is considered as the best juice brand. Tropicana is offered almost in 63 countries. Tropicana also promotes their different products under the various other names such as Tropicana juices, Trop50, Tropicana Twister and Dole Juices and juice blends. It is the strongest brand that promotes the portfolio of the Pepsi (PepsiCo, 2011).

Product Description Tropicana is the 100% pure natural juice, which is prepared by squeezing the juice from fresh fruits. It does not contain any concentration and apart from this no sugar, water and other preservations are added in the juice. Customers are able to drink fresh and delicious juice, which is beneficial for their health. Tropicana offer products in three variations such as cans, bottles and cartons. Tropicana contains zero percent of fats with low calories. According to the Business Analytics Assignment Help experts, Tropicana is the pure premium juice, which provides various benefits to the customers (Pepsi, 2012). As it contains zero percent fats, chances of obesity is very low. People can be fit and healthy by drinking the Tropicana juice. Tropicana select the best fruits in order to manufacture the high quality of fruit juices. It also promotes innovative packaging and makes changes in their products according to the customer changing demands. Tropicana is committed to providing healthy lifestyle to the people by providing the naturally nutritious juices, which benefits one needs. Tropicana orange fruit juice contains vitamin C that helps in the absorption of iron and also maintains the immune system (PepsiCo, 2012). Tropicana fruit juice is also a source of good folic acid, which is important for the cell growth and maintenance. Folic acid is also necessary in order to reduce the risk of birth defects related to brain and spinal cord.

Types of Customers According to the above product description assignment help, Tropicana can capture almost every type of customer. Tropicana provides pure premium nutritious fruit juice, which is beneficial for all type of people such as teenagers, children, youngsters, women, men, etc. Regular consumers of Tropicana fruit juice can be children, executives, working professionals, housewives and ageing people as well. Fruit juice is beneficial for almost all the type of customers, adults, who are health conscious, can also prefer to have the fruit juice (Kengthon, 2011). Best part of Tropicana fruit juice is, it provides fat free juices that attracts large part of youths ageing 15-30 years. Mostly, Tropicana targets the health-conscious adults in order to capture the large part of the market. Demographic factors such as gender and education also possess importance, while selecting the target customers. Tropicana covers both male and female customers in order to provide the fruit juice. Education does not possess much importance while selecting the fruit juice as it is beneficial for all type of customers. Customers need to focus towards the ingredients of the juice and it does not require any technicality while buying the product. Psychographic factors such as lifestyle also affect the base of target customers. Some people treat fruit juice as thirst quenchers and healthy refreshment, while other treats it as nutritious drink, which is beneficial for the health. Another factor is the interest or attitudes of the customer. Interest of the customer also affects the buying behavior of consumer (Boone & Kurtz, 2011).

Justification Tropicana fruit juice is the product, which covers the larger part of the market. Every consumer from children to aged people prefers to have the fruit juice. This product contains low fats and calories which attracts larger part of youth population ageing from 15-30. They treat it as a nutritious drink along with thirst quenchers, which is helpful in capturing large part of market (Kengthon, 2011).