Project Management and Issues Assignment Help

Project Management and Issues Assignment Help

Introduction This project management case study assignment help describes the changes in the market situation and impact of those changes over performance of the firm. Along with this, case also defines that due to increasing competition in the industry, customer base and profitability of the firm is affected that influenced growth of the firm. As per the case, in case of ignoring the owners and their involvement, challenges may be faced by the firm in terms of oppose of board of members (Yammarino & Dansereau, 2004).

Additionally, it is also assessed that to increase the chances of organizational growth and success, it is essential for the top management to take appropriate decisions. Issues that are faced by the management of C Corporation will be discussed in this business help paper. Issues As per the case of C Corporation assignment help, it is identified that various issues were faced by the firm due to ignoring many aspects that are important part of the organizational business. In this, management of firm ignored the involvement of all owners in the organizational activities that affected the cost and operations of the firm (Dansereau, 2003). It is because owners got share from the profitability without contributing their efforts in the organization that increased cost of the firm to hire experts and employees to run the business (Babkina, 2000). It is also found that siblings were not involved in the business instead of having share into the stock of the corporation as per the Will and Testament. It was not right decision of Bill, Steve and management as it created gap among the shareholders and relationship of them (Dansereau, 2003). It also created issues at workplace as Bill was CEO of the firm and used assets of the firm for personal use also without giving sufficient time to business growth and success. To reduce the issues at workplace and to use the available resources effectively, it would be beneficial for the firm to involve the sisters as it would reduce the cost of the firm to hire the employees (Bryson, 2011).

It would also support to the maximum utilization of skills and knowledge of Sisters for growing the business as involvement and participation from the side of siblings will motivate the employees to work more efficiently (Griffin & Moorhead, 2011). In addition to this, contract between the management and sisters for their participation would be used to ensure the positive outcomes in terms of sustaining faith of shareholders over the firm. It is because contract and involvement of the sisters will increase reliability of the shareholders over firm in terms of being legal and ethical. So, involvement of sisters would be beneficial for the company to ensure growth by eliminating the issues (Yammarino & Dansereau, 2004). At the same time our assignment help experts said that, lack of participation and awareness from the side of Bill over the firm also resulted negatively in terms of facing heavy losses and reducing market share of the firm in the competitive marketplace. It is because as competition increased and competitors captured the market share through attracting the customers by offering their products at low prices, but Bill did not do anything for this situation (Babkina, 2000). It created negative situation for the firm in terms of decreasing market share and profits in the competitive marketplace. Another issue that is faced by the firm is related with the communication within the organization. It is because Bill did not involve to his sisters in the business that created dispute and created a gap between them. It also created a communication gap that affected business (Tourish, 2003).

In this, lack of awareness from the side of Bill for organizational growth created adverse conditions for the firm in terms of avoiding creativity, innovation and effective decisions at workplace (Griffin & Moorhead, 2011). As a result of these negative situations and issues, some resolutions were proposed by the board of members that also created dispute among them that also influenced effectiveness of the decisions and created issues for organizational growth. In this, Steve proposed two resolutions for saving the business of firm and to increase chances of organizational growth (Canary, 2010). First resolution was related with removing to Bill from the post of CEO as he was not working properly and using organization’s assets for personal benefits. It was right decision of him to save the business of firm, it was essential to appoint the right candidate for the post of CEO.

In addition of this, second resolution was related with appointing Steve as CEO of the firm as he was having ability to take right decision for growth of organization (Yammarino & Dansereau, 2004). As per the Australia business assignment experts situation of market and organization, these would be beneficial as both resolutions are aligned with the changes and market scenario (Canary, 2010). Additionally, to increase market share and profitability, it was essential for the management to take appropriate and competitive decisions, so that competitive position of the firm can be sustained for long time (Organization Communication: Five Issues, 2009). As a result of these resolutions, disputes among the board members were faced at workplace that created conflicts among the employees. It is because 4 to 2 members were in favor of these resolutions and other were against that created negative situation at workplace and affected performance of the firm and employees (Yammarino & Dansereau, 2004). Overall, on the basis of analyzing the issues, it is identified that main problem of the diminishing business was related with the lack of trust, lack of participation, lack of awareness about market and many more (Organization Communication: Five Issues, 2009). So, the use of equal participation and team management system would be beneficial for the firm as it will increase chances of the firm through increasing trust and communication among the employees. Additionally, use of project management would be beneficial for the firm to manage its projects and improve overall performance (Canary, 2010).

It is because through considering project management, roles and responsibilities for each employee would be discussed that will increase effectiveness of the organizational decisions and actions as per the market scenario (Yammarino & Dansereau, 2004). Conclusion On the basis of above discussion by business experts of assignment  inferred that employee engagement and employee participation are important part of the organizational growth. It is because it reduces the chances of business failure and issues such as communication issues, trust and reliability related issues, motivational and performance related issues. Through putting resolutions, Steve can overcome the problems and issues at workplace.

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