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Introduction There are different paths and many theories that are helpful to get success. This assignment help paper discusses different paths of success such as 10,000 hour rule, Tiger mom and Tim Ferriss. It also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each success method.

10,000 Hour Rule: According to this rule, brain takes 10,000 hours to assimilate all that it needs to achieve true mastery. In views of Heshmat, (2011), the 10,000 hours rule translated into practicing 3 hours a day for 10 years, which is indeed a common training span for young people in sports. This rule suggested that success is the result of accumulative advantages. It is a function of persistence and willingness to work hard. It is because it is difficult to carry out any long-range plan and achievement of any difficult goal, unless people can make themselves persist at it.

Advantage: The main advantage of 10,000 hour rule is that it leads to the perfection of people. It is because after spending 10,000 hours on a particular task, individuals build necessary skills and competencies that are necessary to do the job in a perfect way (Bell, 2010).

Disadvantage: The main disadvantage of this theory is that it takes a long-term view of getting success. Concurrently, this rule also not describes the performance of a person, who spends less than 10,000 hours to a particular job (Martin, 2011). It also limits the growth of an individual, as he/she focus on a particular job for 10,000 hours.

Tiger Mom: According to “Tiger Mom” concept, parents work hard in order to move their children on a successful career path. Discipline is an important element of a successful career path. Parents can help their children to acknowledge this discipline at an early stage of their life. They make strict discipline for children as a tiger mom. In this way, they put demanding control to teach their children and motivate them to get success in today’s environment (System Justification Theory and the Tiger Mother, 2011). Parents like tiger mom force their children to participate in activities, which are beyond their interests. Thus, they predict children’s dedication and lead them to attain success as well as perfection in a particular field.

Advantage: The main advantage of this success theory is that the individuals learn about HND Business Assignment Help discipline in their childhood. Similarly, they also develop appropriate skills and knowledge to get success in their career path.

Disadvantage: In reality, this concept doesn’t address the differences in educational opportunities that are available to children, but believe that people will be treated fairly in their current system through their hard work. This theory is also inappropriate to develop soft skills such as teamwork and communication in people that are necessary to be successful in current business environment (System Justification Theory and the Tiger Mother, 2011). It is also ineffective, as it eliminates a child’s free will to do a particular work.

Tim Ferries: Timothy Ferriss is an American author and public speaker; he wrote several books including “The 4-Hour Work Week”. He suggested seven secrets of getting success.

These are as below-

Selection of appropriate Task: He describes in his book that being selective and doing less is the path of success. By focusing on some critical tasks, individuals can get greatest results and become successful. It is necessary for people to understand the differences between being busy and being productive.

Have a Plan: To attain success, it is also important that people have short-term plan, which will guide them to complete a particular task effectively.

Perform Uncomfortable Task: According to Tim, a person can grow to the level, where he/she willing to do the uncomfortable. It is the reason that people do the things they don’t want in order to get success (7 Success Secrets from Timothy Ferriss, 2010).

Act outside the Box: Successful person not only think outside the box, but also they act outside the box. It helps to develop innovative and creative skills and take advantage of first movers in different areas.

Ask “Why Not You, and Why Not Now!”: In view of Tim, the fishing is best, where fewest go. He suggests that the collective insecurity of the word makes it easy for people to get success (7 Success Secrets from Timothy Ferriss, 2010). People should not underestimate themselves and overestimate competition. Tim says that people are always better than they think.

Believe in Success- People don’t believe that they will success and it is the reason due to which they don’t get success. If persons believe in their success, they make actions necessary for success. Finally, it is also necessary to make it happen to attain success. Implementation of all these secrets in life can be beneficial for individuals to get success surely.

Advantage: The main benefit of applying Tim Ferriss’s success concept is that it leads development of innovative and creative skills in individuals. Concurrently, individuals can also attain first mover advantage in different areas by following all above success secrets.

Disadvantage: Tim only focuses on short-term goals and successes and he avoids the concept of long-term planning and its benefits. Long-term planning is crucial to ensure the sustainability of anything in this current business environment.

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