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An organization’s structure includes the jobs the employees hold within the organization. The design of an organization includes the process of making decisions. Outline the 6 key elements of an organization’s structure. Based on information from your company’s Web site and other information sources, describe your company’s organizational structure. Include the following information in your analysis:


  • Identify and diagram 1 organizational structure that can be applied to your company. Justify the theory with information from your research.
  • Based on the 3 goals you researched last week, analyze 1 strategy that seems to be working well for your company and 1 that needs improvement.
  • Add information about how the organizational structure will help reinforce what is working well and what needs to be improved.

Qualcomm’s Organization Structure Being an employee of Qualcomm, I can say that company is doing well from the time of its establishment. The company has grown with the development and application of advanced technologies for different wireless telecommunications products and services. The company wants to attain a leading position all over the world and serve its consumers with the help of its expert teams (Mock, 2005). The company still plan to expand in several other nations. As per business assignment help experts,The company structures plays critical role in its success. The company organization structure is divided into 2 parts that are Business Units (Includes 8 sub units based on product departmentalization) and Administrative Units (Includes 4 departments based on functional departmentalization).


Evaluation of Qualcomm Organization Structure: The company structure includes two traditional types of organization structure, but for evaluating its structure effectiveness it need to be evaluated on the basis of six key elements of organization structure that are as follows: Work Specialization: As per Qualcomm organizations structure, it can be said that work specialization is high in Qualcomm, but not in regard to delegating a specific and repetitive task to a particular inexpert worker. The company assigns tasks and jobs to workers on a larger scale that help them focussing on their own products line and responsibilities. Departmentalization: The Company’s departmentalization is mixed with Functional and Product Departmentalization. Product and functional departmentation significantly help the company in successfully meeting with the needs of its consumers (Griffin, 2008). Chain of Command: The chain-of-command is not so important today and similar is the case with Qualcomm. The authority imposed by managers is kept to a minimum as most of the employees are expert. Rather than giving orders from top to bottom, manager of all business units merely supervise their improvement and performance. Unity of command also does not exist as employees work in teams. Span of Control: The Company in present is focussing on wide span of control with an aim to reduce cost, fasten decision-making, increase flexibility, develop effective understanding of customers, and authorize its employees (Mock, 2005). Centralization or Decentralization: As per the structure and my own experience in Qualcomm, it can be said that it is a fairly decentralized company. The decision-making is not focuses at a single point and due to this it is said that it is a decentralized company. Formalization: There is lack of formalization at QUALCOMM as here working environment is quite flexible that in turn encourage employees to move toward continuous learning process (Miller, 2011).


Structure that could be applied in Qualcomm On the basis of six elements of organization structure, it can be said that Qualcomm is doing good but still its structure demonstrates some kind of traditional organization design. By replacing it with contemporary organization design like matrix organization structure is vital for the company to successfully operate in future competitive business era. Use of matrix structure that combines the characteristics of both the functional and divisional organizations structure will be much more effective for Qualcomm in present. With this type of structure, the company would become able to assign specialists’ from its different functional department to work on one or more than one projects (Mock, 2005). This would assist the company in dealing with drawbacks of last structure in regard to specialization of work. With this, it would become easy to give particular task to a specific person as per his specialization and function (Robbins, 2008). We also provide Qualcomm Organization Structure case study assignment help services. Matrix structure will help the company in breaking down the traditional department barriers and improving communication throughout the entire organisation. Although there is decentralization in the company that is effective for its growth but elements like chain of command and formalization needs changes. Matrix Structure will help managers in dividing authority both by functional area and by project (McLean, 2005). Each employee in this structure answers to two direct supervisors: a functional supervisor and a project supervisor. With this it becomes easy to maintain a flexible chain of command instead of lack of chain of command. For attaining continuous growth as one of company’s objectives, it is vital to have some amount of authority and unity of command. As well, matrix structure is also helpful in organizing behaviours by creating some kind of formalization and reporting standards that is also vital to go for further expansion (Mcshane, 2006). Use of matrix structure in the company will support the departmentalization as it includes both the functional and divisional structure attributes. It will also help in the creation of decentralization in the company that in present is vital to expand and attain success. Matrix structure will facilitate the company managers towards improving information exchange that in present is lacking due to the ineffective links between different departments and chain of command (Hill & Jones, 2012). Use of matrix organizational structure will direct Qualcomm towards an efficient exchange of information and increased motivation. In this, departments would be able to work together and communicate with each other on frequent basis.   References Griffin, R.W. (2008). Management (9th ed.). USA: Cengage Learning. Hill, C.W.L. & Jones, G.R. (2012). Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach (10th ed.). USA: Cengage Learning. McLean, G.N. (2005). Organization Development: Principles, Processes, Performance. California: Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Mcshane. (2006). Organizational Behavior: Essentials. New York: Tata McGraw-Hill Education. Mock, D. (2005). The Qualcomm Equation. USA: AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn. Miller, K. (2011). Organizational Communication: Approaches and Processes (6th ed.). India: Cengage Learning. Robbins. (2008). Management (9th ed.). India: Pearson Education. How to get Qualcomm Organization Structure and Design Assignment Help with assignmenthelpexperts.com


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