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Safety Recalls as a Long Term Problem for Toyota and Automotive Industry: It is found that safety recalls of Toyota are long-term problems not only for Toyota but also overall automotive industry. It is because Toyota is losing millions of dollars per week due to faulty gas pedals. These recalls also have affected the stock valuation of the company that would reduce the financial strengths of the company. In addition our assignment help says that, these safety recalls are long-term problem for automotive industry, because the employees of companies would face the problems related to take appropriate decisions, tackle with negative news and build an influential business case for instant acts.


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Evolution of Operations Strategy and Competitive Priorities: Basically, an operation strategy is a long-range plan and vision for the operation functions. Quality has consistently been the focus of attention for automobile industry during the last 100 years. It is also founded that automobile industry focuses more and more delivery and less on the flexibility and services. From the last 100 years, the operational strategy is measured by automobile industry as the relative weighting of the emphasis companies place on certain competitive capabilities including cost, delivery, flexibility and quality. Additionally, innovation and services have been added to the spectrum of operational strategies.


Competitive priorities are a key decision variable for operations managers and researchers. Competitive priorities denote a strategic emphasis on developing certain manufacturing capabilities that may enhance a plant’s position in the marketplace. Such emphasis may guide decisions regarding the production process, capacity, technology, planning, and control. Similarly, there is general agreement that the effectiveness of an operations strategy is determined by the degree of consistency between emphasized competitive priorities and corresponding decisions regarding operational structure and infrastructure. Competitive priorities are crucial to developing operations as a competitive advantage. This model proposes that companies must make choices regarding which competitive priorities should receive the greatest investment of time and resources. Companies are generally forced to make trade-offs between various priorities based on their relative importance. Managers must choose a manufacturing priority and then allocate their scarce resources accordingly.


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