Influencing Factors on Consumer Buying Behavior

Influencing Factors on Consumer Buying Behavior Assignment Help As per assignment help tutors there are various things or factors that influence consumer to buy particular product or service. Two things that influence consumer to buy are as follow:


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Marketing Mix: Marketing mix elements including product, price, promotion and place influence the consumer to buy any product or service. For example, packaging used in product element of marketing mix attracts people a lot and influence their buying decisions greatly in case of Chocolates, toys and perfumes. Innovative packaging, marketers have attained competitive advantage by influencing customers like in case of toothpaste, creams, food and drink items (Pringles in tube and Coca Cola in tin or bottle form packaging). Similarly, promotional tools also influence consumers in purchasing. Like, if there is an offer of buy one get one free, flat 50-70% off on clothing segment, it will surely influence the mindset of consumers to buy that product. Place also influences the buying of consumers. For example, if the location of shopping mall is very far, consumer will tend to buy from nearby supermarket.


Reference Groups: Reference group like friends, family, relatives, neighbors, peers etc have a great influence on buying decisions of consumers. These groups influence the buying of consumers through their views, opinions and suggestions on a particular product or service. For example, in purchasing automobile, electronic gadgets and insurance policies, consumers take help of their social groups.


Strategy: Marketing mix and reference groups have great influence over consumer buying. So, these would be included in the marketing decisions and strategies to attract the consumers. Firstly, needs, preferences and demands of consumers regarding marketing mix elements including product, price, promotion and place will be considered. Under this, product features like size, packaging, color, smell etc will be designed as per the consumer requirements. Pricing will be set in value-added format by including several discounting formats to promote the products and services.


You can also avail case study assignment help on consumer buying behavior. Cash rebates, free samples etc will be also used for promotion of products and services to influence consumers. Additionally, accessibility and proximity will be focused on while deciding location for the product and service offerings. To spread positive word of mouth that is part of reference group, promotional and communication strategies will be used to persuade the consumers. For this, social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter, and MSN will be focused to use in marketing strategies. These tactics of marketing will help in influencing consumers through word of mouth and persuade them to buy the products and services.


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