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Summarizes how the project manager or team exhibited exceptional and ethical project management practices. Discusses the role of the project manager or team, the organizational setting, the recipientÂ’s approach to project integration management, and obstacles that had the potential of adversely impacting the triple constraints. Use at least two (2) quality resource.

Project Management Practices Assignment Help Practices: There are various strategies and methods through which the project manager exhibited exceptional and ethical project management (PM) practices.

These are as follow:

Exceptional Tool: By applying exceptional tools like a scorecard, line charts etc, project manager demonstrated exceptional practices of project management with exceptional energy levels along with well-defined project scope (Rad & Levin, 2003). Team building skills and problem solving skills of project manager also contributed in exceptional PM practices.

Virtual Team: By using virtual teams for the project management, project manager used and reflected exceptional practices to manage the project that saved time and project cost.

Manage by project approach: Application of manage by project approach also assisted the project manager to exhibit exceptional practices for project management by developing goal-oriented frame of reference. As a result of this, project manager delivered the expected products, ensured organizational change and enhanced organizational efficiency.

Integrity: Integrity and result driven focus of the project manager helped him to exhibit ethical project management practices (Camilleri, 2011). Project manager also followed adherence to ethical standards and code of conduct during project lifecycle stages to ensure ethical practices of project management. You can also avail project management case study assignment help from our experts.


Role of Project Manager: Project manager sets detailed specifications for each component of a project to ensure integration within project management. He is responsible for developing specifications for project deliverables. The project manager is also required to frame guidelines and procedures for project integration.

Role of Organizational Setting: Organizational setting also plays a key role in project integration. Like, culture, language, time and communication patterns used in organization are needed to be supportive for project management integration (Camilleri, 2011). A proper understanding of these variables of organizational setting helps in integrating project activities effectively. Technical infrastructure, top management support, organizational resources etc are the key elements of setting that also assist in integrating project activities.

Role of Recipient Approach: Recipient approach also plays great role in project integration. Response and frequency of communication by the recipient in relation to the messages send by their project team members determine the timely integration of project related activities (Rad & Levin, 2003). Recipient is required to effectively and timely interpret the meaning of project related messages to ensure their proper convey to responsible personnel of the project. Verbal and nonverbal reactions of recipient also decide the specific meaning in a project that is vital for integration activities.

Obstacles Following are obstacles that had potential to adversely impacting the triplet constraints:

Communication: Poor communication had the potential to influence the project manager, organizational setting and recipient approach. Like, if the expected information is not conveyed to responsible personnel, it will surely influence the project integration (Rad & Levin, 2003).

Lack of Supportive culture: Lack of collaborative atmosphere or supportive culture in project team also had the potential to impact the project adversely. Lack of willingness to help, collaborate with team members etc had the potential to interrupt the triplet constraints. Poorly Defined Project Scope: Poorly defined project scope is another obstacle that had the potential to impact the project triplets adversely. In other words, poorly framed specifications, deliverables, budget and deadlines etc influence the project integration activities negatively (Camilleri, 2011).

References: Camilleri, E. (2011). Project Success: Critical Factors and Behaviours. Burlington, USA: Gower Publishing, Ltd. Rad, P.F. & Levin, G. (2003). Achieving Project Management Success Using Virtual Teams. USA: J. Ross Publishing.

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