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Business Assignment Help – Workplace Communication Barriers Barriers to Communication

Communication plays an important role within the workplace. It has been identified that through communication, employees can be able to get success at their job, relate to public and conduct business with their customers. According to business case study assignment help experts,There are different type of barriers that create distraction and distortions at the workplace. Some of the barriers are physical barriers, emotional barriers, cultural barriers, perceptual barrier and language barrier.


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Physical Barrier: It includes channel of communication, separate departments, closed office door, etc. All these are different types of physical barrier that majorly found within the organization.


Emotional Barrier: Fear of job loss and promotion of other members will lead to the communication barrier. For example, an employee within the company has get promotion and other members are not happy with the promotion, it will lead to the situation of emotional barrier.


Cultural Barrier: It is another type of barrier that has been majorly found within the diversified work environment. Organization adopt employee with different cultures, values and beliefs. Employees with different cultures will not be able to make proper communication with each other. All these barriers affect to Business Accounting Assignment Help the performance of the organizations and they cannot be able to achieve its goals and objectives in an effective manner. In order to address all these barriers, organization has to adopt different strategies such as demonstrate leadership, communicate openly, build the right infrastructure and develop common culture for the employees. Therefore, without communication, company cannot be able to serve the customers and also it cannot be able to build the competitive advantage.


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