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Sources of Conflict Assignment Help It has been analyzed that conflict is the normal setting while doing the business. In order to foster the environment of healthy competition, conflict should be managed properly and efficiently. Some of the factors are poor communication, interpersonal relationship, external changes, limited resources, etc. All these are the potential sources, due to which the conflict occurs within the workplace. Apart from this assignment help, there are five conflict management styles such as competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding and accommodating. In competing style, there is the situation of win-lose. In this approach, one party wants to achieve their goals without seeking to cooperate with other party. In collaborating style, both the parties pair with each other in order to achieve both the goals. Compromising style is a lost-lost approach, in which both the parties do not achieve their goals. Avoiding style is the situation in which parties involved basically avoid the overall issue. Lastly is the accommodating, in this situation, one party work against own goals. Moreover, it also provides high degree of cooperation through their expenses. Further, compromising conflict management style is the most appropriate approach for the different potential sources of conflict. Through the compromising approach, companies can be able to develop the healthy working environment.


Elements of Effective Group In order to build the sound and effective group, organizations have to include the different elements. Some of the elements are Commitment, accountability, result focus, operating rules and trust. All the team members should be fully committed to achieve the mission and goals of team. Each member should be responsible and devote reasonable time and energy in order to achieve the mission of team. In addition to this, group members should be accountable for each of their task (Johnson, 2008). This will be helpful in making the smooth flow of all the activities and do not create conflicts among each other. Further, team members should be focus on the achievement of collective results and along with the individual goals. This element will be helpful in integrating the organizational goals with the individual objectives. Effective team performance should also have certain operating rules, on the basis of which each team member will perform. These operating rules will be helpful in taking certain decisions regarding achievement of team objectives. Along with this every team member should develop trust among each and delegate the authority and responsibility. It has been analyzed that in order to develop the effective team or work group, organizations have to follow different steps. Firstly, organization should appoint the leader in order to handle the group. After that team leader should develop the written objectives for the team members. Involve every member in the team while making decisions, rules and regulations for the working of team. Team leader should also analyze the individual objectives of team members and accordingly, groups should be formed. Team members with common goals and common skills should be involved in the one group. In such a manner, organizations develop the effective work teams. Through the work teams, organizations can be able to achieve the project goals in effective manner. You can get 24X7  business management assignment help and case study assignment help services. Our management assignment help experts has the master degree from the top university of US,UK and Australia. We ensure you that your business assignment help content would be authentic, original and according the assignment guidelines. So, hurry up and please e-mail us your any topic assignment help at