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In the video, Milton Friedman discussed several things related to society, the price value of products, free trade relationship

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between countries, economic freedom, human freedom, along with the political freedom that generates the ethical issues. In this video, Milton Friedman talked about the ethical consideration behind the matter of community’s migration from one country to another and from one state to another to earn money (BasicEconomics, 2012).

In this youtube video business assignment help, he presented the ethical consideration related to the illegal migration of human being that also raised several issues related to security and smuggling for a country. He also presented the positive impacts of migration that facilitate a country to know the religion and the requirement of other countries’ people (BasicEconomics, 2012). On the basis of profitability measures, Friedman raised the ethical issues related to the employment of business and economic barriers in the way of business organizations. In the further part of this video, he also discussed over the ethics on which the business organizations make their social responsibility and ethics as an important goal instead of the interest of their stakeholders. Then again, he discussed over the matter of economical system of America in which the government made the polices for the business organizations to provide the minimum wages to employees whether they are skilled or not, which caused the negative impact over the growth of organizations (BasicEconomics, 2012). In his lecture, Milton Friedman also discussed the negative impact of price and wage determination by government instead of business organizations that generates ethical issue.


Answer 2Effectiveness of Friedman’s View in Current Business Environment The current business environment is based over the global cooperation in which organizations of a country establish their business in different countries. The organization purchases its raw materials from different countries and fulfills the needs of another country man to earn money for their shareholders. Hence, for this, the government of the country makes policies for the business by that business owners perform their activities to serve their related people (Butler, 2011). Hence, in context of today’s business environment, it could be stated that the views of Milton Friedman could not be profitable because he focused over the free-market capitalism. It is because corruption in business is growing day by day and due to this, the interventions of the government also help the people to protect them from any fraud. The government also makes the policies to govern people who are engaged in illegal business practices (Barrar & Gervais, 2006).


With the help of their intervention, the government protects the communities and socialism. On the other hand, government takes taxes by the business organizations to employee those programs that facilitate people to earn survival money to live a better life. On the other hand, the government also makes the fiscal policies that manage the rate of inflation and generate the chances for the new jobs for growing the productivity of the related countries (Keinert, 2008). While, Milton Friedman stated that the government should reduce its intervention in business related activities. Hence, it could be stated that the views of Milton Friedman are not valuable in today’s context because more organizations go in international market and make money that is only happening by the protective nature of their government (Friedman, 2009).


On the other hand, Friedman rejected the policies of government that adjusts the prices and wages to manage the condition of the marketplace. But, this views is not effective in today’s business environment because if government could not make its emphasis over the issues related to wages and prices then the organizations will not be able to provide the profits to all stakeholders (Soeteman, 2001). Answer 3Effectiveness of Lecture The lecture of Milton Friedman is based on the economic freedom, and cultural freedom with the interference of governments in business related activities. Hence, in the context of business profitability and instead of some non-considerable points, this lecture is so effective for me to survive in market volatility (Keinert, 2008). The material of this lecture is valuable for me because it differentiates the intervention of government in the sector of business based on profitability. It helps me to develop in-depth understanding to know whether the intervention of government is profitable for me and my business or not (Friedman, 2009). It would also help me to make counter policy that would help me to reduce the impact of the government’s policy for making the growth of organizations. On the other hand, in context of employees, the culture is a considerable point for every management before doing business activities, whether the organizations are performing their business activities in parental country or in other countries (Cohen, 2009). The cultural consideration has its own importance because it makes a direct impact over the workplace integrity along with productivity of the organizations (Barrar & Gervais, 2006).


Hence, the organizations could get loses, if the management does not tackle this consideration successfully. Thus, in this concern, the lecture of Milton Friedman is useful for me to get the success in related marketplace because he focused on the cultural freedom that reduces impact of entire cultural factors. At the same time, the determination of price and wages is also an important matter for an organization because it helps the management to fulfil the profitability requirements of related stakeholders (Butler, 2011). Hence, this lecture is also effective for me because it talked about the determination of products prices and wages of employees according to the needs of related shareholders. Therefore, lecture material of the video could help me to change the way by that I perform my business activities. References Barrar, P. & Gervais, R. (2006). Global Outsourcing Strategies: An International


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