Business Ethics Issue Assignment Help on Gay Marriage

Ethics is related to the moral philosophy that concerns about the right and wrong behavior with the involvement of systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts. So, taking right or wrong action is associated with the ethics. This module is related to an analysis of the ethical issue. Gay marriage is used and followed as an ethical issue for this paper. Gay marriage is also known as same-sex marriage between two people, who are same in biological sex or having same gender identity Business Management Assignment Help.


Issues in Gay marriage assignment help: In gay marriage, homophobia violence is one of the issues that are usually faced by gays. In this business assignment help, harassment in lifetimes or non-physical abuse in life is also countered as other issues that are faced by the gay people.


Discrimination and violence is also considered a fundamental issue that is faced while conducting gay marriage. For example, in Australia, about 61% of gays are surfing verbal abuse because of their sexuality. Here, homophobia refers to the threat of homosexuality or marriage in homosexual. This fear resulted into subtle discrimination to overt violence. Similarly, in wide areas such as health plans, welfare and learning services gays are not included that refers to the discrimination for same sex people marriage. For example, in case of filling any medical service form, gays are not permitted to place the record of same-sex partner. It refers to the discrimination and issues that are faced by the gays in the society for living. At the same time, discrimination is also faced by the same-sex couples in regard to financial and legal aspects as the same-sex marriage is ignored by the federal government. Federal tax complications related issues are also raised in gay marriage.


It is because as per the concern of Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), only married man and woman are allowed to file federal tax return and gay couple is not allowed to file joint federal tax return. It refers that gay couple must file separate federal form as a single taxpayer (Allen, n.d.). As the gay couple travel out of the state then they should more careful about protecting themselves and filing taxes.


It is because it is not necessary that federal government is concerned about the gay marriage as the parental country’s government. So, it may create financial and tax complications in terms of treating differently to the gay couples as married couples. In addition, it is also found that gay couples also face issues related to adequate health care facilities and other social services. In this, it is also evaluated that for the gay couples, it is essential for having advanced medical directives in place that should comprise health care proxy. It is a document and highlights that someone who would be responsible for making decisions on the condition of becoming patient incapacitated. In case of do not designate the rights from the health care proxy, gay couples are not willing to take decision-related to the health of their partners.


It also refers to the issue for gay couples or gay marriage. Religious issues are also faced by the gay couples during their marriage as most of religions are not ready to accept the homosexuality. In many religions, it is treated as offensive and a swipe for religious freedom of the majority to have to recognize a relationship they consider sinful. The same-sex couples confront significant discrimination in different aspects and now this is evolving as an issue of debate. As per the ethics followed and described in books everyone has right to enjoy fundamental benefits provides by a country government but this is not the case with same-sex couples. Instead of allowing same-sex marriages still, gay couples are not able to use their rights and live their life as other couples do.


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