Marketing Opportunities Assignment Help

In the marketing opportunities assignment help, we have selected the: Microsoft, Exxon and Best Western. We have explained this competition with its potential competitors and explained how the marketing opportunity would reflect upon the firm and positive or negative public relations effect on the firm.


Microsoft: Microsoft is facing huge competition with its potential competitors such as Apple that restricts its market share. Hence, for reducing the impact of Apple and to gain huge market share, Microsoft should develop some writing apps that could run on the iOS application of Apple by that it could deliver the information about its products to users for attracting them towards its products. It will assist Microsoft to increase revenue, but it may create risk related to the failure of application that may reduce the profitability of the organization.

In context of new customers assignment help , Microsoft could open online stores that would help to add customers of Apple, who wants to buy mobile applications online.

It would also create new opportunities for the organization that will also help the management to increase the users of Windows mobile phones. It could increase the competition level that would increase the risk because it would provide a path to Apple for holding its existing customers. As per the marketing case study assignment help experts, the online availability of operating applications would also help Microsoft to solve customers’ problems. It would create another opportunity for Microsoft that would help to hold the existing customers and sustain its mobile business in the competitive market. But, there is a risk that it will not swing the flow of customers because several similar options are also presented in the market. These opportunities will be categorized as low-hanging fruit for Microsoft because it would not provide long-term profits to the organization.


Exxon: To protect the environment, the organization is making several ecological campaigns for motivating the people and organizations towards the environment. It would provide the opportunities to attract those people who had given up the operational activities of Exxon. On the other hand, BP and other petrochemical organizations are facing emission of crude oil in water that causes a negative impact on the health of societal people. Hence, the organization could attract the customers of BP and other similar organizations by applying for environmental programs. But, it will create the risk for the organization because people may think that the organization uses health-related programs to hide its petroleum drilling activities.


By the help of ecological concern, the organization could increase its shares in a market that would provide huge finance and will improve its financial structure. But it also generates some issues against Exxon that may affect the financial achievement of the organization in a financial year. With the help of ecological concern, Exxon could improve its safety record that would make its unique image in the related industry. The responsibilities of Exxon would also increase to save the environment in drilling areas that would affect drilling activities and related revenues in negative ways. Hence, the opportunities due to environmental aspects would be categorized into low-hanging fruit because it would not generate huge deviation in its profitabilities.


Best Western: Best Western deals in hospitality segment and faces several problems due to franchise inequality in profitability. But its management does not find out franchises that are not doing well. Hence, the organization could not grab the opportunities from the market. So, the organization should offer financial rewards to customers for posting the profile of their preferred Best Western franchise hotel on its feedback page online. Through this, Best Western would improve its goodwill in the market but it could also affect the existing image of non-effective hotels.


The effective franchise owners could attract customers by applying online feedbacks in their offers that would also encourage the other franchises to improve standards of their hotels. Hence, they could also attract the customers but this situation would also reduce the overall profitability of Best Western. With great traffic of customers on the site, the organization could provide a place to other organizations for making an online advertisement. Marketing assignment help says it would help the franchise owners to earn extra money that would facilitate them to offer quality products and services to customers at below rate. This will create the risk for Best Western because for providing cheaper services to customers, the franchise owners may cut the distribution of profits. On the basis of profitability, these opportunities will be a home run for Best Western because the organization could make its free advertising and earn high revenues.


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